Poetry Reading


Four poets, Scherezade Siobhan, Greg Bem, Kripi Grey and Priyal Mog will be presenting their work. A multi-disciplinary weaving of words, sounds and visuals will welcome you to experience worlds within worlds as they open their palms and let the menagerie of memory shine in silvered dark. In association with TATVA.

Kripi Malviya is an Indian psychologist, existential psychotherapist and mental health trainer; she is also a poet, writer and avid traveler. As the co-creator of the international experiential emotional wellness organisation TATVA. She promotes feminism in her practice and advocates for reciprocal relationships between multidisciplinary creative self expression, emotional awareness and therapy; with respect, inclusivity and vulnerability. She loves living on islands and disintegrating existing power structures and systems. Her work has been published in Psychedelic Press UK, The Four Quarters Magazine and she is currently a guest writer for the online magazine ‘Feminism in India’. She has worked in various South East and South Asian countries including India, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Thailand.

Greg Bem is a writer, curator and technologist based in Seattle. He has organized, hosted and performed in poetry and cultural events spanning such diverse places as Hong Kong, Cambodia, California, Philadelphia, Rhode Island, and Maine. His published work has appeared in form of over half dozen chapbooks and also in Berfrois, Rain Taxi, Queenmobs amongst many other literary spaces. He is the creator of a community driven series of readings in Seattle called “Ghost Tokens” and also ran the much applauded and well recognized interdisciplinary art event “Breadline” in Seattle. In 2015, he organized and participanted in the event Tukwila Revealed as part of the Duwamish Revealed project in 2015. Through art, science, and historical inquiry, it aimed to explore ecological, social, developmental, and literary elements of the Duwamish River. He is the founder and editor-in-chief of a new literary and arts review journal Yellow Rabbits Review. He can be found at www.gregbem.com ortwitter.com/gregbem

Scherezade Siobhan is an Indo-Roma social scientist, writer and performance artist who uses textual, aural, visual and kinesthetic experiences in a combination of semantics and somatics to explore the landscape of non-white womanhood & its manifold exiles as well as revolutions – physical, emotional and psychological. Her writing has been translated into multiple languages as well as featured in various digital and physical spaces and can be found in literary magazines, anthologies, international galleries, rehab centers and in the bios of okcupid users. Her digital collection of poems “Bone Tongue” was published by Thought Catalog Books and her full length poetry book “Father, Husband” was recently released by Salopress UK. She is interested in a feminist psychology that enables neurodivergent women to decipher their mental and environmental habitats via arts and to support this she initiated “The Mira Project”(www.themiraproject.com) in 2016 so as to encourage global dialogues about women’s safety, gendered violence and street harassment.


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