Fr. Bismarque/ First year at court of justice


In the morning of 7th of November, 2015, Father Bismarque’s one day old mutilated body was found in a tributary of Mandovi, floating face down. Those who knew him immediately understood that it was a gruesome murder, but police remained inconclusive.

Gradually after fifteen days, people’s patience gave up and got replaced by anger against the government.

On 21st of November 2015, hundreds of Father Bismarque’s lovers gathered in Panjim demanding justice.

Police reacted brutally.

Each and every protestor was forcefully arrested. Even children and women were not spared. Those who refused to court arrest were pinned down to earth, dragged like dead cattle and dumped into police vans for faraway police stations like Anjuna and Porvorim. In all, one hundred and three men, women, girls and children courted arrest.

This was the day when Bismarque, the man had metamorphosed into Bismarque, the movement.

Kennedy, Sudeep and other friends of Bismarque celebrate this day, with music of Revolution, and revealing the story behind Sudeep’s tribute to his Guru Bismarque, the tallest man in Goa.

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