Prawn Curry Rice/ Cost of Seafood/ Aaron Lobo


What is the cost of our seafood choices on the marine ecosystem and coastal communities that depend on it?

A large proportion of the seafood caught is wasted, either by being discarded or reduced to fishmeal for the animal feed industry (to feed farmed chickens and fish). This is not just a threat to marine ecosystems, but also to livelihoods, food security and health. While there have been a large number of recommendations (and in some cases effort) made to reverse the current trends, little has changed. There is a need to move away from the current high volume (but destructive and wasteful) ‘industrial’ fishing to one that promotes quality with as little wastage as possible. Besides giving us a glimpse of how our seafood is produced, this talk will explore how we could improve our relationship with the sea and our seafood as a possible way to drive positive change.

Aaron Lobo is a marine ecologist who has worked in South Asia and West Africa. He completed his PhD from the University of Cambridge. He is also member of the IUCN Sea Snake specialist group and a recipient of the Sanctuary Asia – ABN AMRO Award. He loves his seafood too!

The Talk –


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