Special Festival Preview – Mouth Harp Fest 2017



This Monday Feb 6, we will presents a preview of the World Mouth Harp Festival of India 2017 with some fantastic stories and sounds by mouth harpists from India around the world. Special guests include Nicolas Matzner aka Nico Trompe from Chile, Aldan Rhozin & Tuyara Zhircova from the Peoples of the World Khomus Museum, Yakutsk, Sakha, Russia.

5th World Mouth Harp Festival of India is a grassroots project conceived with a mission of establishing a platform for Mouth Harp players and musicians of any kind from countries worldwide to connect, share, teach, and perform. This year, the festival is happening on 10,11,12 Feb at Jungle Dance Cafe, Arambol, Goa.

If you are interested in learning this amazingly simple but versatile instrument from these champions, please gather an hour early – for food, beverages, interaction with the artists and seats.

Participating artist Nico –

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