Kali Writes Project at Museum of Goa and The Dogears Bookshop | August 16-19, 2017, 10-4 pm

August 16 – 17 at Museum of Goa & August 18-19 at The Dogears Bookshop

10- 4 pm


What happens when incarcerated men in a US prison are given notebooks and pencils by a woman from India, who believes in the power of writing for healing? What happens when men in prison are not asked about what landed them there, but are instead asked to write about their favourite season in the depths of the winter, and about how they find kinship and strength in each other’s company, even within the dark confines of prison walls? What happens when women never leaving their burqa in public are asked to write about their bodies, and how they would romance what they most love about themselves? The Kali Writes Project, which has travelled from Mumbra to Cape Town to Guwahati to Rochester, aims at healing through writing, gently nudging the process of introspection, of owing our own stories and discovering our core strengths and ability to be compassionate, so that we can share the same with others.

Resource Person :

An independent journalist and a Fulbright scholar, Priyanka Borpujari has been reporting on issues of human rights violations, forceful land grab, indigenous peoples’ rights, environment, health and religion from different corners of India, as well as from Germany and El Salvador. She is also the founder of The Kali Writes Project, which is aimed at healing through writing, and has conducted workshops with Muslim teenage girls in Mumbai, South African women, and male inmates at a correctional facility in Rochester, USA.


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