The Tale of Six Rivers : Talk by Olencio Simoes| August 28, 7-10 pm, 2017|@ 6 Assagao


Converting Goa’s 6 main rivers out of 11 into national waterways will change the cultural identity of this land forever. Vasco Bay pollution will be the norm for all these magnificent rivers that currently sustain lakhs of local lives, traditional fisherman & farmers included.

With no access thru privatized plots all along the rivers : industrial & human pollutants, ecological n marine instability will be caused by constant dredging – these are but a few changes promised by the center but not for Goans. All along our rivers, more fields n khaazans will hold coal stacks, iron stacks & bulk cargo.

Olencio Simoes is a Goan on a mission – leading traditional Goan communities to safeguard their livelihoods against an ever changing landscape – the voice for Goa’s basic essence – her people, her waters and her land.

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