Poetry Jamming | Dissenters P, Q and R.| 6 Assagao | 7-10 pm | 21st August, 2017


Poetry Jamming | Dissenters P, Q and R.| 6 Assagao | 7-10 pm | 21st August, 2017

In her intrepid wanderings as a gypsy soul, Priyal Woodpecker finds love and liberation through her poetry. This (poly)artist wanders in a multiverse of artistic expression, be it poetry or drawings/illustrations, knotting art, photography or design, constantly indulging in Anthropological Storytelling.

Her work traverses through the social and political fabric of conversations – exploring and excavating the very nature of love, gender, sexuality, violence, feminism and depression. In her curious meanderings, she has travelled, performed & collaborated with myriad artists in Vietnam, Cambodia, Egypt, Nepal and India. 

Priyal will take her artistic endeavours to reinvent the nuances that characterize art, poetry and literature in Uganda. Uganda, being the only liberate in East Africa, is organizing the first-of-its-kind literature festival – ‘GABFEST’ in Sept’ 17. Curated by the Book enthusiasts Of Kampala, this festival aims to cultivate the Culture Of Reading among locals, by bringing together contemporary writers/poets from the world of words. The festival will also facilitate a cultural exchange; exposing the Ugandan youth to the literary world in an effort to inspire & initiate Expression.

She, Doctor Gandu and Paul Rodrigues will jam to raise fund for her travel this Monday. Also as part of her ongoing fundraiser campaign, she will be showcasing & selling 50 unique pieces of handmade macrame jewellery.

Please gather by 7 pm for food, beverages and seats. It is a donation based event.
Event link :- https://www.facebook.com/events/684462961724382/

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