An evening of poetry, dance and conversation with Tishani Doshi|Nov 4th, 7-10 pm | The Cube Gallery


The Cube Gallery presents an evening of dance and poetry with acclaimed poet, author, dancer Tishani Doshi to mark the Goa launch of her new book of poems, Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods.

Tishani will release the book with a powerful performance encompassing a reading of her poems as well as an experimental dance act. This will be followed by an informal talk by the accomplished and versatile author about her unique practice. Performed at The Cube, amidst the current show SHE, a celebration of the female creative spirit, Tishani’s performance will infuse the space with added depth and meaning.

The backdrop of the live performance will be the artworks of 8 Goa based women artists and the evening promises to be a treat as these interdisciplinary arts come together in a revelry of the joyous feminine. While SHE is expressed through the visual arts ranging from charcoal to video and installation, Tishani’s evening of poetry and performance will enliven and recharge the space by using the power of the spoken word and the dynamics of rhythm.


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