Fried-Fish, Chicken Soup and a Premiere Show|December 13th, 2017, 7 pm onwards|The Mandrem House


It’s a film screening but way beyond just being that – the story, the context and the narrative of an India less heard, seen, felt. Directed by Mamta Murthy, the film ‘Fried-Fish, Chicken Soup and a Premiere Show’ has been awarded the BEST FILM on Art/Culture, National Film Awards, along with several other awards all around the world.

Indian/ Bollywood films show across the world but a conflict ridden state within India called Manipur is barricaded from it. Separatist groups have banned Hindi movies here but local films a la Nollywood flourish. In this scenario, Fried Fish, Chicken Soup and a Premiere Show travels with a local feature film unit through Manipur’s picturesque hills and narrative traditions. Making pit stops at cinematic milestones from the past and layering the personal with the political, this documentary paints a loving portrait of a cinema and its citizens. The encounters on route – fake, real and surreal are not for the fainthearted. But there’s good food and chatter on the go.

Come 13th, talk to the Director Mamta Murthy and have some ‘Fried-Fish, Chicken Soup and a Premiere Show’, literally.

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