Drawing a Line through Landscape | Nikhil Chopra|January 22nd, 2018|6 Assagao|7 pm onwards


Presentation | In Athens a tempestuous muddy sea and rolling clouds gather upon the walls of a former tavern. Nikhil Chopra’s performative work has often involved voyages—across Sharjah desert, down the Thames River, and into maritime waters of the Arabian Sea. For Drawing a Line through Landscape he sets forth to traverse nearly 2500 Kilometres between Athens and Kassel: crossing the mountainous landscape of Greece, deserted villages, soviet townships and orthodox monasteries in Bulgaria, the verdant wilderness of Cozia National Park and gatherings at public squares and art spaces in Sofia, Budapest and Bratislava where he is joined by fellow artists and choreographers. His tent is a temporary studio and domicile—reminiscent of travelling theatres where improvisational encounters unfold in communal relation. The artist serenades cities and towns he enters into as a lover does, transitioning through states of exuberance, intoxication, rejection and fatigue. This itinerant journey remains enmeshed in the trails of nomadism centuries old and migratory passages that are still being carved out—eventually the zigzagging route is not simply a South-North or East-West binary movement but rather a complex microcosm of dispersed selfhood, abandonment, economic austerity, and territorial violence in today’s Europe.

Text – Natasha Ginwala| nikhilchopra.net 


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