The New Normal|Rana Ayyub|Jan 29th, 2018, 7 pm onwards| 6 Assagao


Rana Ayyub is an award winning journalist and writer who has seen phenomenal success with her self published book Gujarat Files. In 2010, Rana’s investigation sent the serving Minister behind bars. Post that Rana went undercover to do a sting operation on the top guys in the Modi administration including the present Prime Minister. Late last year Rana got the most coveted Global Award for Gujarat Files – ‘The Global shining light award’ in South Africa. Today Rana has sold over 2 lac copies of the book in 12 languages.

She will throw light on the Government policies and their ways of disregarding the Constitution and how the right wing bigotry became ‘The New Normal’.

Artwork- The Mothers | Käthe Kollwitz | 1922–23

There will be North Eastern food. It is a donation based event.

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