Figure Drawing Workshop | Karl Knapp | Sundays of September, 2018, 2-6 pm at The Mandrem House


First session was the basics of figure drawing, with Breakdown of the figure into anatomy, form and structure. It happened at 6 Assagao last Monday, 3rd September, 2018.

Second session: Portrait drawing and figure drawing. This session will give participants a chance to work on the structure and geometry of the head and face to achieve a likeness of the model. It will enhance the participants keenness to continue the study of anatomy.

Third and fourth session will be more advanced study of the figure. The intricacies of clothes and drapery and the figure in environment surrounding will be practiced. Also at this point there will be an emphasis on developing an individual style in drawing and idea of the representation of the figure.

All sessions will work on developing an understanding of the drawing materials in general. It will question about types of drawing materials available and their application and effect on different drawing papers and surfaces.

All sessions are with a live model. Fees is three thousand for three sessions. Please confirm your participation by messaging here.

More about the artist – |

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