Anatomy of Lost Battles | Vimlendu Jha | Oct 1st, 2018,6 Assagao at 7.30 pm


Vimlendu Jha is one of the leading environmental activists in the country and one of the most prominent public media voices on issues of environment and environmental justice. Having begun his journey almost 2 decades ago as a young student crusader for River Yamuna in New Delhi, he is ’embroiled’ in some of the most critical legal and policy issues of country with regard to our degrading environment, most recent ones being the High Court matter regarding the felling (interim ban) of trees, campaign against Art of Living’s World Culture Festival in the floodplains of Yamuna. He also serves on the Ridge Management Board of Government of Delhi.

‘Anatomy of Lost Battles’ aims at reflecting on some of the prominent environmental conflicts of our country, its genesis and outcome, along with deeper understanding of stakeholders that further or dilute the environmental regime of our country. The talk also shall reflect on the role of judiciary vis-a-vis environmental governance in the country, analyzing failure or co-option of the legislature and the executive.

Food and beverages will be available. Please donate pre/post for sustaining these programs.

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