Book Launch | Hineni by Shivranjana Rathore | 3rd February, 6.30 pm at Sadhana Dell ‘Arte, Merces


Imagine an entire generation of traumatised children living without a language to share their experiences.

Imagine a world, where there isn’t space for emotional trauma to heal, leading to millions of lost identities.

Such a world is slowly being formed right this minute as we continue to remove spaces of emotional healing, as we continue to isolate those who suffer in silence.

Emotional abusive parenting is a radical concept in the Indian society where parents are deified just by virtue of becoming so, without checking in if they wanted to become parents in the first place or not. Imagine then, a whole society with reluctant parents and their unsure children. Even as social media sees a rise in social media campaigns on Mental Health, emotional abuse remains an isolating experience since it isn’t spoken about enough or even understood.

Hineni is Hebrew for ‘here I am’ and is the title of the recently published book by writer Shivranjana Rathore. The book is the coming of age story of a survivor of emotionally abusive parenting, narrated in an amalgamation of verse and prose.

The book is Shivranjana’s attempt to table a conversation on emotional health, specifically on emotionally abusive parenting and its invisible wounds – how they affect the child’s view of the self, her navigation through the world while questioning her identity (or the lack of it), and the eventual fight to break out of the shackles of the mind of the abused and find herself.

We invite you to an evening of revelation and healing through sharing of poetry from the book followed by a conversation between the author and Arushi Singh of Lotuseaters Bookstore.

About the author: Shivranjana Rathore is a self taught writer and poet who has just released Hineni. Trained in Development, Shivranjana has spent the past 5 years exploring various ways of using her words and illustrations to “talk about things that we seldom allow ourselves to”. Having survived emotional abuse herself, and found no spaces or conversations on it, she decided to write Hineni to create a space for those silenced to find their voices. She hopes to continue to use writing and art to work in the area of trauma and healing.

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