Screening and Interaction : Nalini Elvino de Sousa | 6 Assagao, 4th March 2019 |7.30 pm onwards


Special Envoy is a quest to bring to light the inspiring yet unknown mission of an Indian whose life is cut short in the Mozambican presidential plane crash in 1986.

Aquino de Braganc╠ža, in his twenties, finds himself in Mozambique in 1947, hoping to follow in his father’s footsteps in the Department of Customs. Failing to achieve this goal and for the first time ever, experiencing the bitterness of racism, his life takes a 180 degree spin and his aim, till the very last day of his life, was a relentless fight against Colonialism both in Goa and in all the African countries.

His friendship with Samora Machel propels him to dedicate his life to the Reconstruction of Mozambique after its independence. Their journey is told through a game of chess. Very subtly the story builds up to a point where the chess pieces metamorphose into real life characters. The life story of Aquino de Braganc╠ža and his bond with Samora Machel are magnetically drawn onto the chess table till the final checkmate dictates its end.

Post screening, director Nalini Elvino De Sousa will interact with the audience.

Please donate to keep these programs alive and sharp, at the venue or Online here- With support from The Owl House, Artisan Backerei and White Owl Brewery

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