On Resource Efficiency | Talk by Jill Ferguson | 6 Assagao, 29th April, Monday, 7.30 pm


In 2010, India’s demand for materials was the third largest in the world, after China and the United States. India consumed about 7.2% of globally extracted raw materials in that year and India’s consumption of natural resources will only grow as it’s economy does. There are now real concerns that primary natural resources will run out. To ensure resource security, India must now promote Resource Efficiency & Use of Secondary Raw Materials (recycled natural resources)

The whole world is looking at ways to use resources in a less wasteful, more intelligent way. The Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been formed to guide how economies and societies need to change. Goal 12 relates to sustainable consumption and production and many of the other goals aim at sustainable resource use. Many countries are looking at resource efficiency and how to change from linear economic models to circular ones. Goa has been chosen as a pilot state in India for Resource Efficiency & Circular Economy by the EU – Resource Efficiency Initiative.

In this talk, Jill Ferguson will introduce the concept of Resource Efficiency and dive into what it could mean for Goa’s future. She will also outline some examples of how Circular Economy is reshaping the way societies think, design, produce, and consume everyday products. She will elaborate on the November 2017 document from NITI Aayog (the National Institute for Transforming India)’s document on a Resource Efficiency Strategy for India. And give an update on Goa’s state-specific Resource Efficiency Strategy that is currently being developed in coordination with NITI Aayog, based on the national RE Strategy.

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Event link- https://www.facebook.com/events/318990652145749/

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