Meme Regime Carpe Diem |22nd May 2019, 7.30 pm


Meme Regime
7.30 pm – 9.30pm | 22nd May, Wednessday
Carpe Diem, Majorda, Goa
Donation Pass: Pay as you wish

Memes, by far, are the most democratic form of art in our time; and they have been getting more absurd, referential, cryptic and downright dank as we move ahead in time. Meme Regime aims to understand the cultural phenomenon of memes as an art movement, and make the memes accessible at the same time. The core idea of the project is to theorize and understand the dynamics of meme trends, definitions and bizzare meme evolutions in detail as well as touch upon the exclusivity, critique, sources, perks, downfalls, and boundaries of memes as jokes.

Join us for a meme exhibition of the best memes, meme screenings about the history of memes and how memes can step into education and a curated walk on memes to decode meme culture.
The headline of the event is a meme lecture performance by Anuj Nakade.

Anuj Nakade is a resident meme snob barely is recognised as a content creator. He finished his BA (Hons.) in psychology in 2018 from Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce, and then came to work at TIFA Working Studios later that year to help imagine and execute meme regime. He has been a part of multiple productions of Shakespearean plays as a stagehand and an actor with a Pune based Theatre group named “The Drama Queens” since 2016 and continues to work with them till date. He also has a podcast by the name “Deep Fried Neurons” which he started in 2018 to deal with meaninglessness in life and curiosity about events in human history. He tells people at parties that he is a meme curator, which is technically accurate, and he will cry himself to sleep if you deny him the title.

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