World Environment Day: Swishing and Social Scrabble! at Hideaway, 6 pm


We’re celebrating World Environment Day by having a clothes swap (swishing), a presentation on slow fashion followed by a fun social scrabble where we will scrabble on a social theme.

Free entry with limited seating. Please RSVP in advance. Contact 7350909391 Link –

This clothes swap/ Swishing is for both Men and women.

We all have clothes and accessories sitting in our closets taking up space but, for some reason, we don’t wear them any more. Not because there’s anything wrong with them, but maybe coz it won’t fit any more or you are just not into that cut/style/colour etc. So, go raid your closets coz this clothes swap is your chance to swap such items with something that you’d actually love to wear.

Here are some commonsense guidelines to make this clothes swap worth our while.

What can we bring?

Please make sure it’s clean, washed, ironed, folded and neatly presentable. We will of course have quality control at the event to ensure that everything that goes on display at the swap is worth swapping. You have the option to donate or take back any items that don’t get past Quality Control or left unsnapped at the end of the event.

Suggested list of Swappables:

Clothes, accessories (like belts, bags, hats, jewelry, sunglasses), footwear, toys, games, pillowcase, curtains and such.

Big NO-NOs

The UNswappables!

Swimwear, undergarments, towels, cosmetics, or any items that are faded/stained/ripped/missing buttons/broken zippers/unstitched fabrics and pretty much ANYthing that you don’t like to see on display if it was offered to you. You get the idea!

Rules of Swapping

You get to Swap 1:1 across any categories.

For example if you bring 5items to swap (all 5 QC passed) then you’ll be given 5 tokens which you can swap for any clothes/accessories of your choice.

*The value of items do not matter when it comes to swapping coz it’s a Free swap.

*Please bring your items *Half hour* before the event, to help us do our QC and put them on display.

Most importantly, let’s remember the spirit in which this event is held and honour the Environment.


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