Searching for Water |#mondayfixgoa 6 Assagao, 15th July 2019


India is facing an unprecedented water crisis, with over 42% of the country reeling under acute drought and over 21 cities to run out of ground water by 2020. With over 80 water bodies completely contaminated or extinct, with almost all lakes of Bangalore either dead or frothing, Yamuna water only fit for industrial cooling, it’s high time we wake up. There is also the question of inequity, of transfer of natural resources (especially water) from the poor to the rich and rural to urban.

Vimlendu Jha is one of the leading Environmentalists of India and is a strong critic of government policies and its pro-rich strategies. He also is a practitioner on the ground, is involved in conservation activities in Delhi and Goa, apart from raising voice and contributing to other ecological issues. He also serves on the Ridge Management Board of Government of Delhi, and an Advisor to UN Environment on Sustainable Consumption and Production.

Patrons are requested to arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time. Please donate to keep these programs alive and sharp, at the venue or online here- #goanarratives #thusgoa


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