Xit Coddi ani Nustem| Lordes Bravo da Costa | 7.30 pm, 6 Assagao, 14th October 2019

9FDA18AE-BEA2-4FE5-BFD4-649EFEA0337AFood is significant in socio-cultural and economic life of any society. It is also a form of communication conveying multiple meaning for different sections of society and in this sense, it also acquires a symbolic representation. The way food is organized in each society, both as a way of production and survival and as a trait of identity, depends on the geographical conditions and on its history. This paper intends to contextualize and analyse the particular case of food in Goa. It will show how the food introduced by the Portuguese became a part of the social and cultural identification of Goans with a particular focus on the local fish-curry- rice which became a trait of identity independent of religion belonging, social status and place of living (Goa and its diaspora).

Limited Seating. Contributions 200/-. Please arrive early. Poster by Pale Blue Dot, Goa

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