From Cape a town to Cairo | The Art Project | 6 Assagao #mondayfixgoa, 28th Oct, 7.30 pm


In Charan’s last journey, he traveled with 12 artists from around the world across the length of Africa from Capetown to Cairo for 250 days to explore and share stories across borders using art as a medium. They traveled in the harshest conditions with almost no financial backing and relied completely on the kindness of humans across the world and Africa. The project worked with over 1000 artists across 10 countries to enquire into global subjects such as inequalities, environment, violence against women, peace.

Charan is an Artist curator. During his personal journey, he realized the importance of creating safe spaces for expression. Last 5 years he has designed road trips, projects, residencies for artists, travelers and changemakers to have conversations and collaborate on various art mediums such as theatre, film, music, murals, poetry, and photography.

In the photo talk, he will be taking us through the journey across Africa and sharing the stories.

Limited seats, contribution 200/-. Poster by Pale Blue Dot, Goa.

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