Body as home | Live Art | 4.11.19 #mondayfixgoa 6 Assagao

2402A85A-D525-429C-AC7B-341CC14867E0.png‘Body as home’ is a 3 hour long ( 7-10 pm) interactive live performance by 7 artists. Please arrive 15 mins earlier.

Artists –

Akshay Bhise focuses on composing and producing experimental music inspired by nature with the help of instruments such as mouth harps, didgeridoo and ocarina & puts forth the imagination in UV and watercolour paintings.

Bhisaji Gadekar works in the medium of sculpture, simultaneously integrating other mediums like site specific installation and performance art.

Dhiraj Pednekar is working as lecturer and drawing trainer at Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts and Science.

Divesh Gadekar works with material and sound.

Supriya Tirkey is currently living in a biophilic phase of consciousness, she writes and visualises scripts and thumbnails storyboards for short films.

Impana Kulkarni is an accredited Doordarshan artist and performing solo and with groups for the past 15 years, also conducting workshops on social awareness dance vocabulary.

Rohit Karandadi is a visual artist, he works to create visual communication for social organisations and finds his personal source of expression through directing independent short films.

Contribution 200/-. Limited Seats.

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