Surveillance in Covid Times, with Lawrence Liang, Sanjay Bhangar & Alok Hisarwala, 1st June, 7.30 pm, online

Surveillance in Covid times

The use of mass scale as well as individuated surveillance to respond to Covid-19 pandemic has been a serious cause of concern. It has also exposed the underlying fault lines within the debate on surveillance and privacy. Unlike conventional cases of political surveillance of citizens, the deployment of surveillance for the purposes of public health seems to raise a different set of challenges. In this session we explore political, legal and technical questions arising out of surveillance in the time of Covid-19.


Lawrence Liang teaches at the School of Law, Governance and Citizenship, Ambedkar University, Delhi.

Sanjay Bhangar works at Development Seed, working on open source geospatial data projects. He has a deep history of working with the web and geospatial data. His interests are data privacy and anonymization, and in the intersection of software and politics.

Moderator- Alok Hisarwala is a lawyer and an Animal Rights activist.

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Poster by @palebluedotgoa

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