Flavours of Nationalism | A conversation with Nandita Haksar & Vikram Doctor | #mondayfixgoa, 13th July, 7.30 pm, 2020


India was born a hungry nation and, as we are constantly reminded, most recently by stories of migrants travelling back home with little food, it is still a hungry nation today. Yet this often seems forgotten in all the growth in food writing in recent years. Nandita Haksar seeks to change this with The Flavours of Nationalism, a book that does not negate all the food memoirs, cookbook and documentation that has been happening, but deepens the perspective by looking at the politics around food in India and how it connects with our everyday experiences of what we eat, or don’t eat, and why.

A conversation with Nandita Haksar and Vikram Doctor. Please DM for link.


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Poster by @palebluedotgoa

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