State of the Nation – looking for light at the end of the tunnel – with Teesta Setalvad + Claude Alvares + Miguel Braganza, 5th October 2020 7.30 pm

with Teesta Setalvad, Claude Alvares and Miguel Braganza

CAA, EIA, Farmers’ Bills, Ayodhya Verdict(s), Hathras Rape, COVID-19 and the overall economic collapse…

We will discuss –

  1. Increasing Radicalisation
  2. Strong Centre versus State Rift
  3. American style corporatisation of policies only to benefit the rich.
  4. Dilution of Judiciary and all “due process” for example EIA
  5. ON ground: increase in violence either by state or empowered agents of the state towards dissidents and minorities.

Shaheen Bagh became the conscience of the nation before the pandemic hit India. Can we return to that resilient core – despite the odds? What does it mean to be a responsible citizen today? How do we engage? How do we protest? And how do we keep the light of hope alive?

Please join us to remember why we love this country and why and how we need to come together to protect its core “samvidhanik” (constitutional) values, undergoing an onslaught that has never been seen before, as we go through our darkest hour.

Our Speakers:

Teesta Setalvad is an Indian civil rights activist and journalist. She is the secretary of Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP), an organisation formed to fight for justice for the victims of communal violence in the state of Gujarat in 2002.

Claude Alvares is an Indian environmentalist based in Goa, India.He is the editor of the Other India Press publication based in India and Director of the Goa Foundation, an environmental monitoring action group. The Goa Foundation is the best known of Goa’s environmental action groups. Founded in 1986, the organisation today holds influence with the judiciary, government and the general public, having persisted with its environment agenda for nearly two decades.

Miguel Braganza is an agriculturist and the brain behind the Konkan Fruit Fest and the Festival of Flowers among others. He’s currently an agricultural consultant. He is inspiring a bunch of Agricultural graduates to work towards popularising organic farming.

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