Cows, Cars, Collisions – A discussion on the problem of abandoned Cows on Goa’s roads #mondayfixgoa 16th Nov 7.30 pm

with Swati Shilkar, Atul Sarin, Karlette Fernandes and Alok Hisarwalla

No drive through Goa these days seems to happen without close encounters of the bovine kind.

It may seem cute at first, but it is actually very dangerous. 100s of cows, including young, newly born calves, end up at shelters across Goa after being run over by cars. Many die a painful death.

The cows need protection, but their abandonment on the roads shows a systemic failure of policy.

Goa is at the cusp of change between its rural identity and the influx of new urban immigrants and tourists. Farmers have abandoned farming, and their cows with it, leaving them no home but the roads.

Please join us in conversation with experts to understand what we can do collectively to provide safety to the cows in Kadamba’s Govapuri.

Monday, November 16th, 7.30-9pm. Please see the zoom link below to join:

Atul Sarin, Founder of Welfare of Animals Goa

Atul moved to goa 15 years ago from the UK. He soon realized there were very few rescue facilities for stray animals, especially cattle. He then set up WAG, and now has 10 employees, including a a full time vet. WAG rescues and treats more than 500 injured, old, sick and abandoned cattle every year. He is also a member of the Goa State Animal Welfare Board and constantly pioneers for long term solutions for the ever suffering animals of Goa.

Swati Shilkar, Goa head of Dhyan Foundation

Swati Shilker has worked for the Department of Customs, Central Excise & Service Tax for 20 years. Since 2014, she is associated with Dhyan Foundation, a spiritual charitable organisation. Now she is a full time volunteer at Dhyan Foundation and is their Co-ordinator for the state of Goa. In Goa, DF is mainly engaged in rescuing cattle injured in road accidents. Since Feb 2013 they have rescued hundreds of such cattle injured in road accidents. Currently they are taking care of about 700 injured cattle and those rescued from slaughter houses at our three gaushalas located at :

A) Kholkar Farm, Quitla, Betul, Goa : 476 cattle
B) Shree Damodar Devasthan, Zamaulim, Goa : 167 cattle.
C) Kasod Shirvoi : 60 cattle.

Dr Karlette Ann Ferndandes, WVS Goa Director of Animal Welfare

Karlette grew up in the village of Aldona (GOA), where she completed her initial schooling. From a young age, she had a fond affection for animals, which was actively nurtured by both her parents on their farm. Following her passion, she pursued Bachelors and Masters degrees in Veterinary Medicine from two reported Universities in India. Karlette ran WVS and Mission Rabies in Assagao for several years and is now busy setting up a large animal birth control program in South Goa. Karlette is also a member of the North Goa District Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Alok Hisarwalla is a Lawyer and Animal Rights Activist.

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