The Most Retracted Person in the comments section- Deep Fried Neurons – A Stand Up. 22nd Nov 2021, 8 pm, at Groove 42, Vagator, Goa.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this #mondayfixgoa we present Deep Fried Neurons, a stand up routine with no punchlines, he thinks it makes it a performance essay, but could argue after the show. In his piece “The Most Retracted Person in the Comment Section”, Deep Fried Neurons will speak about his life before the #meme regime, with the story of why he had to choose a stage name, to his #quest of becoming Legally Qualified Neurons, and his adventures in court. #legally trying Neurons intends to become a part of the solution, if he ever solves the problem that arises when the process of achieving #justice is the harassment.

He’s a #memer and a Lawyer. 

@asifiknowu a.k.a @deepfriedneurons



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