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In the cacophony that swamps us endlessly, small blessings are to be found in pockets of creative collectives across our nation; an oasis of solidarity toward humanity, where “All for One! And One for All!” resonates personally with all who are drawn to these spaces.

Shrayragi Israni

Living in the age of information overload, fake news and social media hysteria, there is an urgent need to rediscover and maintain a culture that is based on critical thinking, intelligent dialogue, discussion and debate.

It is crucial for us to create spaces for the sharing of ideas, views and opinions that may not agree with the mainstream view, but are instrumental in our evolution – as individuals, as a society and as a species.

Alternative views in the areas of culture, politics, environment, business, art and music are the forerunners of change and progress, if allowed to be nurtured and refined in a friendly environment.


Thus. is an organisation that looks to establish and encourage this culture by identifying and organizing venues and curating the presentation of ideas that are at the intersection of art, activism, innovation and inspiration.


The programs curated by Thus. explore and strengthen connections between artistic practices and social activism, political views and environmental realities; and encourage the publication of socially relevant themes through talks, presentations, film screenings, theaters, live gigs and performances.

Artists, musicians, social & cultural activists, writers, curators and journalists present their work and address the questions of the audience here. Thus. advocates an understanding of the arts as a language that empowers individuals and communities to utilize stories as agents for social change.

Thus. programs are designed to be contemporary, thought provoking and interactive.

Open | Inclusive | Local | Global

We provide a platform for the cultural exchange of ideas and opinions, in an atmosphere that maintains the dignity of local culture and the idea of a participatory democracy.

The unique mix of programming of Thus. events attracts an inclusive 3,000+ audience that comprises of an eclectic mix of locals and expatriates who look forward to well articulated packets of specialized information, intelligent conversation, and stimulating refreshment. Our audience is appreciative, intuitive, discerning and vocal. Most have scheduled #mondayfixgoa as a regular feature in their social calendars.
The post program discussions are lively and sometimes go late into the night.

The audience itself has encouraged and nurtured rational discussion and respectful debate as the intrinsic culture of Thus.

COVID times 2020

Since May 2020, we have migrated online in order to carry on our activities without falling foul of social/ physical distancing guidelines. #mondayfixgoa is now LIVE on ZOOM every Monday at 7:30pm, with live wire presenters, speakers and a growing audience.

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Support Thus.

Thus. is a registered trust.that depends on donations and fund raising drives to pay for the infrastructure and personnel required to keep our programming active and consistent. We have been operating for more than five years now and are working towards consolidating and expanding our activities to a larger audience, so as to do our bit towards building a more humane, just and sustainable community.

We would be grateful for your generous donations.

You could make the payment on our Instamojo account

Donation link – https://www.instamojo.com/@thus_critique/

Or make an E-Transfer directly to our account. Thank you.


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HDFC, Mapusa Branch

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