Book Launch ‘River of Stories’ by Orijit Sen at Prose Patisserie, Nachinola

Launch of River of Stories, 25th Anniversary Collector’s Hard Cover Edition

We are thrilled to invite you for the launch of the new edition of River of Stories, the 25th Anniversary Collector’s Hard Cover.

This Graphic novel published by @blaftpublications Chennai, has a special place in Indian comics history. The narrative is an insightful, sharp observation on immediacy of environmentally degenerative development projects.

A conversation with @orijitzen the author, and Archa Sancou, Assistant Professor, English @chowgulecollegeofficial is scheduled at @the_dogears_bookshop at 6 pm, on 19th November, 2022.

Details about @goaheritagefestival 3 PM on 18 | 11 | 22 & @literatigoa 6.30 PM on 25 | 11 | 22 programs are coming soon.

See you there.

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A turn of breath – Poetry reading by Ashley Tellis, June 26th 2022, Sunday 7 pm onwards + Film Screening and Q&A

We invite you to a book launch and discussion of Ashley Tellis’ first book of poems ‘A Turn of Breath’ (2021) 10 Days from now, on Sunday, June 26th, 2022, 7-8 pm at @theflyinggoat.goa with @lostthepl0t

In this event, Ashley Tellis will read the poems from his book that involve an examination of the law and both its melancholic constitution and the melancholia of the responses to law’s refusal to acknowledge its repeated failure to offer reparation for hurt and violence and murder; its attempts at it, its failures at it. Through various poems in the book about politico-legal events and figures, Tellis will ask questions about melancholia and the law.

We will be ending the program with two films @breadandbelonging and ‘The Golden Fish’, and a Q&A session with the directors.

See you there. RSVP @theflyinggoat.goa | @lostthepl0t | @thus.critique

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Armenians of Calcutta | Book Launch March 24th 2022 8 pm at Edible Archives

We present Alakananda Nag’s book of photographs ‘Armenians of Calcutta’ at Edible Archives on 24th March 2022 Thursday 8 pm.

It is a book of photographs, text and rare archival material on the Armenian community of Calcutta who were the founders of the city as we know it today – a fact not widely known or accepted. The photographer spent a decade on this work – researching, photographing, gathering previously unknown, unseen material, unique to the community and the city they helped build. 

The author/photographer worked around the challenge of making this work from absence – of people, information, research material, reconstructing a reality, the memory of which is at best fractured. The book comes together seamlessly with an array of rich material to create a tableau of a very important community with an unparalleled contribution to an iconic city.

At – The Edible Archives restaurant and experimental project has made its home in Anjuna from 2019. Here, they showcase indigenous ingredients, local and seasonal foods, and culinary techniques from all over the world.  Each meal that they cook becomes an entry into the individual edible archives of the people eating it, as they experience the journey of the ingredients. They transfer/transform our edible archives into a collective sensory catalogue that belongs to all the people involved in growing, sourcing, cooking and eating the meal.

An evening of honouring In Absentia. 

There will be small plates of Armenian Food with their stories, curated by @chefanumitra

With – @blurb.goa @palebluedotgoa @questioncurl

Limited seating. To know more and attend please RSVP DM. 

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The Queers Have Landed: A Discussion on ‘Queeristan’ 19th October 2020 7.30 pm

Parmesh Shahani, Dhamini Ratnam and
Anand Narrain talking to Alok Hisarwalla

“The Queers Have Landed: A Discussion on ‘Queeristan’”

Parmesh Shahani, Dhamini Ratnam and Arvind Narrain in conversation with Alok Hisarwala.

Barely a month and a half way away from the 2nd Anniversary of Navtej (the Indian queer rights decision), we bring you an exciting panel reflecting back and also forward, onto the queer movement.

This panel is also an occasion to celebrate Parmesh’s excellent book ‘Queeristan’ that brings together so much the queer movement in India has achieved through its history, the fight against Section 377 and particularly through establishing a transformative dialogue for LGBTQ inclusion in the workplace.

From reports – two decades ago – authored by Arvind Narrain (as part of PUCL) that documented the daily violence and abuse faced by the transgender community, Queeristan travels through our long journey, with stories of trans-inclusion in some of the top companies across India. Queeristan is a must read because it combines a serious rigour and manifesto, with a flamboyance and humour that is so quintessentially Parmesh.

Please join us in this amazing discussion where Dhamini, Arvind and Parmesh walk us through the incredible journey of queer India.

Speakers :

Parmesh Shahani is an LGBT inclusion advocate, author of Queeristan (2020) (the subject of our discussion today) and Gay Bombay (2008), a TED Senior and Yale World Fellow, and Vice President at Godrej Industries. The Godrej India Culture Lab which he founded in 2011 redefined our experience of art, culture, performance and politics. Parmesh and the Culture Lab, achieved a feat that no one ever could, not even the wannabe Bandra-wallahs, shifting the culture hub of the city to Vikhroli. While being extremely prolific, multi-tasking, networking across the globe, Parmesh never ceases to look fabulous. Please go buy his book.

Dhamini Ratnam is a journalist and associate editor of Hindustan Times. Her writing focuses on Gender, Sexuality, Social justice, Development, Art and Culture. In addition, Dhamini hosts an excellent podcasts called the Gender Question, which everyone must tune into. Dhamini has been a chronicler of the LGBTQ movement in her writing, some pieces that have personally stayed with me are “The arrests that sparked a crusade against s. 377” – on the famous 2001 Lucknow arrests, and “Patient Zero: legacy of an AIDS warrior” the story of Dominic D’souza from Parra in Goa and his friendship with Anand Grover – who went on to fight for the rights of HIV positive people and the LGBTQ community. Dhamini is currently working on her own book – a biography of the queer movement against section 377 of the IPC.

Arvind Narrain (apart from being my dearest, oldest friend, brother, colleague and ally) is a long standing queer activist involved in many human rights struggles in the country. Arvind co-founded the Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore. He is the author of Queer: Despised Sexuality, Law and Social Change and co-editor of Because I Have a Voice: Queer Politics in India, along with Gautam Bhan. He has also co-edited Law Like Love with Alok Gupta. Arvind was one of the team of lawyers in the Section 377, challenge, both in the High Court of Delhi and the Supreme Court of India.

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Taran Khan, at 6 Assagao, Audiophile and the Dogears Bookstore | Feb 17th, 19th and 21st, 2020

Taran N Khan is a journalist and writer who grew up in Aligarh and is currently based in Mumbai. Her work has appeared in publications in India and abroad. She has been traveling to and writing from Kabul since 2006,


where she works closely with Afghan filmmakers and media professionals.

She will talk about her book Shadow City, in conversation with Hina Saiyyada.

Please arrive early. Requested contribution 200/- Poster by Pale Blue Dot

The Price You Pay : Book Discussion |6 Assagao, 8th April 2019, 7.30 pm


The Price You Pay is the story of Delhi – a metropolis where a million tales unfold each day, the old and new locked in perpetual tension. This uneasy conversation is viewed through the eyes of journalists who frame the city, the policemen who protect it, and the outsiders – the city’s outlaws – and their intricate, tangled relationship.

The plot twists and turns like the teeming bazaars of Old Delhi, spinning from the betting houses of Chandni Chowk to the smooth tarmac of Lutyen’s imagination. Inside the dark underbelly of an emerging superpower’s capital city, the mirage of opulence and corruption is brutally exposed and the collusion that festers at its very heart.

Somnath Batabyal – Writer is a Lecturer at SOAS University of London. He is currently working on his second novel. Arushi Singh is a development consultant and works on sex and politics. She also runs Lotuseaters, a recycled books store.

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Book Launch | Hineni by Shivranjana Rathore | 3rd February, 6.30 pm at Sadhana Dell ‘Arte, Merces


Imagine an entire generation of traumatised children living without a language to share their experiences.

Imagine a world, where there isn’t space for emotional trauma to heal, leading to millions of lost identities.

Such a world is slowly being formed right this minute as we continue to remove spaces of emotional healing, as we continue to isolate those who suffer in silence.

Emotional abusive parenting is a radical concept in the Indian society where parents are deified just by virtue of becoming so, without checking in if they wanted to become parents in the first place or not. Imagine then, a whole society with reluctant parents and their unsure children. Even as social media sees a rise in social media campaigns on Mental Health, emotional abuse remains an isolating experience since it isn’t spoken about enough or even understood.

Hineni is Hebrew for ‘here I am’ and is the title of the recently published book by writer Shivranjana Rathore. The book is the coming of age story of a survivor of emotionally abusive parenting, narrated in an amalgamation of verse and prose.

The book is Shivranjana’s attempt to table a conversation on emotional health, specifically on emotionally abusive parenting and its invisible wounds – how they affect the child’s view of the self, her navigation through the world while questioning her identity (or the lack of it), and the eventual fight to break out of the shackles of the mind of the abused and find herself.

We invite you to an evening of revelation and healing through sharing of poetry from the book followed by a conversation between the author and Arushi Singh of Lotuseaters Bookstore.

About the author: Shivranjana Rathore is a self taught writer and poet who has just released Hineni. Trained in Development, Shivranjana has spent the past 5 years exploring various ways of using her words and illustrations to “talk about things that we seldom allow ourselves to”. Having survived emotional abuse herself, and found no spaces or conversations on it, she decided to write Hineni to create a space for those silenced to find their voices. She hopes to continue to use writing and art to work in the area of trauma and healing.

In Conversation | Deepa Narayan with Albertina Almeida | 6 Assagao, 7.30 pm, 21st Jan, 2019


Deepa Narayan is the author of the groundbreaking book, Chup: Breaking The Silence About India’s Women based on over 600 interviews with metro women, men and children. It is the first behavioral analyses of educated women and men in cities. Her moniker is Cultural Detective.

Previously she was Senior Adviser at the World Bank on poverty policies and wrote the influential series Voices of the Poor. She is the recipient of many awards including being named one of 100 most influential global thinkers by Foreign Policy Magazine as well as one of India’s 35 Great Thinkers by India Today. Her opinio pieces have been published in the New York Times, The Guardian and Hindustan Times.

She will be in conversation with Albertina Almeida, a lawyer, human rights activist and independent researcher. She has co-founded several rights initiatives and groups interrogating ‘development’, including Bailancho Saad, Citizens’ Initiatives for Communal Harmony, Saad Aangan, and SEZ Watch.

Presently, she contributes to the Focal Point of the Feminist Legal Program of the Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development, besides being a member of the Intercontinental Alliance for Women, Law and Development. She has attended numerous international, and national conferences, including the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations. She also regularly writes opinion pieces for the local and national press and is the author of Tug and Tear: Dealing With Child Sexual Abuse (2008).

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Reading and discussion | 13 years by Ramchandra Singh|August 13th 2018, 7.30 pm,6 Assagao

13 Aug 2018 Goa event

September 1970. Ramchandra Singh enters the Hardoi District Jail. Barely twenty, his life of expanding prospects—in studies, politics and love—is reduced to the horizon of a life term. The odds are stacked against the survival of his humanity and imagination, but Singh regenerates his gifts of empathy, humour, reflection and, above all, language—in a secret diary smuggled out with the help of friends.

A singular record of recent history and of individual witness, Singh’s prison diary, newly expanded, appears in English for the first time. Offering unprecedented intimacy with the everyday life of the imprisoned everyman, Singh challenges us to look without flinching and question our assumptions about crime and punishment.

There will be a discussion anchored by S Anand of Navayana, and while the invited speakers will speak they will also read short passages from the book that affected them.

This is a donation based event. North Eastern foods will be available.