Aamis Screening at Flying Goat by Lost the plot, Sunday 7th August 2022 7.30 pm

Set in Guwahati, Aamis tells the story of Nirmali, a somewhat lonely paediatrician and wife, and Sumon, a PhD student with a penchant for unique gastronomic adventures. A chance encounter between the two develops into a friendship based on a shared curiosity about rare meats, only to spiral into a most unexpected and dark place. 

Yet, the film is less about indulgence and human excess, as it is about restraint. Hazarika weaves an explosive premise into a gentle and highly nuanced story about what we give up on when we try to do what is “socially acceptable.” With absorbing performances from Lima Das and Arghadeep Barua as Nirmali and Simon respectively, Aamis is a masterpiece in simplicity and reading between the lines. 

Event Details:

Date: Sunday, 7th August

Time: 7:30pm

Venue: The Flying Goat, Anjuna, Goa

Bookings: Call +91 8828138632 to book your spot. Limited seating available.

Film Screening at The Flying Goat, Anjuna, Sunday June 26th 2022, 8 pm onwards

From sunshine and beaches, to rawa fried fish and delectable beef dishes, from cashews to feni and choriz to churches, from dense green forests to rivers as wide as the eye can see, its cheerful people and quaint, colorful houses with terracotta roofed porches signing off on the ultimate susegad life – India’s smallest state also happens to be most people’s favorite, its rich, vibrant, pluralistic and largely liberal culture attracting visitors of all kinds.

But does this ubiquitous “Goa for everyone” feeling really make you Goan? And how is Goa’s unique local culture being shaped by the many waves of immigration – past and present – that have passed through its lands? This weekend we explore such questions and more with a curated screening program featuring two locally made documentary films.

The Golden Fish by Avadhoot Potdar, Akanksha Gupta and Akshata Dalvi looks at Goa’s burgeoning casino industry and its impact on the local economy and community, whereas Bread & Belonging by Goan filmmaker Sonia Filinto, explores the relationship between food, culture and migration through the lens of Goa’s unique bread, pão. Both films address issues of migration, changing culture and the ever-present need to earn a living.

Join us on Sunday, 26th June 8pm onwards at The Flying Goat for an evening of cinema and conversation as we explore the evolving identity of a cherished land through local stories and perspectives. Limited seating available, call on +91 8828138632 to book your seats!

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A turn of breath – Poetry reading by Ashley Tellis, June 26th 2022, Sunday 7 pm onwards + Film Screening and Q&A

We invite you to a book launch and discussion of Ashley Tellis’ first book of poems ‘A Turn of Breath’ (2021) 10 Days from now, on Sunday, June 26th, 2022, 7-8 pm at @theflyinggoat.goa with @lostthepl0t

In this event, Ashley Tellis will read the poems from his book that involve an examination of the law and both its melancholic constitution and the melancholia of the responses to law’s refusal to acknowledge its repeated failure to offer reparation for hurt and violence and murder; its attempts at it, its failures at it. Through various poems in the book about politico-legal events and figures, Tellis will ask questions about melancholia and the law.

We will be ending the program with two films @breadandbelonging and ‘The Golden Fish’, and a Q&A session with the directors.

See you there. RSVP @theflyinggoat.goa | @lostthepl0t | @thus.critique

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Armenians of Calcutta | Book Launch March 24th 2022 8 pm at Edible Archives


We present Alakananda Nag’s book of photographs ‘Armenians of Calcutta’ at Edible Archives on 24th March 2022 Thursday 8 pm.

It is a book of photographs, text and rare archival material on the Armenian community of Calcutta who were the founders of the city as we know it today – a fact not widely known or accepted. The photographer spent a decade on this work – researching, photographing, gathering previously unknown, unseen material, unique to the community and the city they helped build. 

The author/photographer worked around the challenge of making this work from absence – of people, information, research material, reconstructing a reality, the memory of which is at best fractured. The book comes together seamlessly with an array of rich material to create a tableau of a very important community with an unparalleled contribution to an iconic city.

At – The Edible Archives restaurant and experimental project has made its home in Anjuna from 2019. Here, they showcase indigenous ingredients, local and seasonal foods, and culinary techniques from all over the world.  Each meal that they cook becomes an entry into the individual edible archives of the people eating it, as they experience the journey of the ingredients. They transfer/transform our edible archives into a collective sensory catalogue that belongs to all the people involved in growing, sourcing, cooking and eating the meal.

An evening of honouring In Absentia. 

There will be small plates of Armenian Food with their stories, curated by @chefanumitra

With – @blurb.goa @palebluedotgoa @questioncurl

Limited seating. To know more and attend please RSVP DM. 

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Football and Fairtrade | Nov 15th, 2021, Monday 7.30 pm

Football and Fairtrade, the Forca Goa Foundation + Fairtrade India story at Vagator, Groove 42

Forca Goa Foundations has made an organisational commitment to sourcing only Fairtrade certified footballs, becoming the first organisation in the country to make a commitment towards conscious consumption through Fairtrade. 

This #mondayfixgoa, our speakers Nathaniel Da Costa and Devina Singh will elaborate on the importance of fairness, equitableness and sustainability in production and consumption. 

Nathaniel Da Costa has been involved with Indian football for over a decade across many roles as a journalist, player agent, and media manager. He now leads the grassroots development projects at the Forca Goa Foundation using sustainability and empowerment as pillars. 

Devina Singh is a campaigner for Fairtrade and manages the communication and outreach for their India project. She heads the Bangalore chapter for Fashion Revolution India.

Her work at Fairtrade focuses on raising awareness about empowering farmers and workers, who make and grow our food and clothes, and to make businesses more accountable to their processes, with a hope that global trade will become fairer.

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Premier | Goenchi Maati Movement film, at Design Centre, Porvorim, 6 pm, March 18th 2021

with the film makers – Living Heritage Foundation and Goenchi Maati Movement team

Film by Living Heritage Foundation.
Directed by Marc Francis & Mohan Kumar Mochi
Premiere by Thus.
Hosted by Design Center

“Goenchi Mati: A new perspective on mining in Goa” Directed by Marc Francis and Mohan Kumar Mochi, this 43 minute film includes notable figures such as Raju Nayak, editor – Lokmat, Haresh Melwani – mine owner & Late Dadubhai Mandrekar – poet, writer and social activist and Claude Alvares, Director, Goa Foundation. It also features five songs & a tiatr skit created and performed exclusively for the film by Joyalita and her friends.

The Goenchi Mati Movement insists that natural resources including minerals are a shared inheritance of all Goans living in the state, and it is our responsibility to ensure that our children and future generation inherit at least as much as we did. We are a non-partisan movement and are the Goan arm of “The Future We Need,” a global movement to make intergenerational equity foundational for civilization starting with minerals. The film has been commissioned in order to invite the citizens of Goa to come forward and join the Goenchi Mati movement to save the soil of Goa.

Audiences are requested to park their vehicles near Nexa Service Station, the road ahead is steep and narrow. Limited Seating with social distancing guidelines.


In Conversation with Artists at Risk (AR) #mondayfixgoa Sept 28th 2020 7.30 pm

With Film Maker Q and Activist Vimlendu Jha

Artists, writers, curators, critics and scholars are targets of politically motivated threats and persecution in great parts of the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has been worsened by increased government control and curbs on free speech and artistic expression. The need to protect artists – and their art as a form of political protest and dissent – has never been greater.

This #MondayFix we bring you a conversation between artists and co-founder of ARTISTS at RISK [AR] Marita Muukkonen and Ivor Stodolsky with filmmakers and activists Q and Vimlendu Jha.

ARTISTS at RISK (AR) works at the intersection of human rights and the arts. AR is dedicated to mapping the field of persecuted visual art practitioners, facilitating their safe passage from their countries of origin, hosting them at “AR-Residencies” and curating related projects, including the “AR Pavilion”.

For comments, feedback and suggestions, please use the following links-

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The free but misunderstood Street Dogs of Goa – Adv Norma Alvares & Dr Karlette Fernandes | #mondayfixgoa | 31.8 7.30 pm

Adv Norma Alvares & Dr Karlette Fernandes #mondayfixgoa 31.8 7.30 pm

What many of us call stray, the law recognises as ‘street’ dogs. The colonial policy – which we followed, recommended catching and killing them en masse, until the law was changed in 2001 with the implementation of the Animal Birth Control Rules. Norma and Karlette have been on the frontline of the very heated street dog debates in Goa, and in this session they debunk some deeply held beliefs and hopefully show us a way forward of peaceful coexistence.

Norma Alvares is one of the leading human rights, environment and animal rights lawyers and activists in Goa, who also founded the Goa chapter of People For Animals, in the late 90s. Norma has argued in seminal cases against killing of street dogs, banning of bull fights (dhirio), and welfare and rehabilitation of captive elephants in Goa. She is the Chair of the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO). She was awarded the Padma Shri for her work for the protection of animals and the environment in 2002.

Karlette Fernandes leads the Wordwide Veterinary Service projects in Goa. She established the first “Mission Rabies” project in Aldona, with a mobile veterinary truck parked outside the community centre. Over 25 days the team had completed 430 animal birth control surgeries for dogs belonging to the village residents and vaccinated 600 dogs across the village for free. Since then there have been zero rabies deaths reported in humans and animals from the Aldona village. The success of this community service project led to the development of the Model Village for a Rabies-free nation.

The WVS team is now working closely with the Government of Goa on a ONE HEALTH approach, to implement this project in every village across the state, to bring positive change for the safety and health of the children in our community, with the objective to make Goa rabies-free. The impact of this project has reflected on the improved welfare of animals and the reduction of human deaths due to rabies from 17 people in 2014 to zero in 2018. She is now setting up the WVS Dog Pop Project to develop sustainable strategies to implement Dog Population Management in all Municipalities and Panchayats across the State of Goa.

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A discussion on Mollem | The art of destruction | 10th August Monday 7.30 pm

A panel discussion on the Mollem issue, with reference to the three proposed projects and their attendant environmental, ecological, social, economic and entomological affects on large areas contained in the Mollem National Park and the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary.

Parag Rangnekar (Ecologist)
Pronoy Baidya (Entomologist)
Vivek Menezes (Journalist)
Dean D’Cruz (Architect)
Captain Viriato Fernandes (Goencho Awaz)
Malisa Zemira Simoes (Lawyer)
Alex Carpenter (Conservationist)

Moderator: Sujay Gupta

with a aim to explore balance between conservation and development.

The film The Art of Destruction is here –


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A Discussion on Mollem Issue, 27th July 2020 Monday 7.30 pm

This discussion with environmental lawyer Sreeja Chakraborty, Francesca Cotta of Save Mollem Campaign, with Avertino Miranda, Founder, Goa Green Brigade will cover issues of environmental protection acts, responsibilities of citizens and the possible outcomes for this Mollem issue.

Sreeja Chakraborty is an Environmental Lawyer and Co-Founder of Living Environment Advocacy Foundation (LEAF), a dedicated environmental advocacy group consisting of freelance lawyers and researchers dedicated in providing solution centric legal strategies for the protection of Western Ghats.

She will focus on Forest Conservation vis-a-vis multiple linear infrastructure projects planned in Goa, in this discussion.

Francesca is a member of Extinction Rebellion’s India chapter, and part of the Save Mollem campaign, helping with communications and strategies to keep the digital dissent active during a time of social distancing. She is co-founder of WILDBIYOO, that unpacks the complexity of the climate and ecological crisis through educational and arts events.

Presentation and moderation by Avertino Miranda, Journalist and founder of Goa Green Brigade.

Please register – https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0pcuGqrjkqHdziZTM5s-qNbs5zUiGcTlRg

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Poster by @palebluedotgoa

On Mollem, with Sreeja Chakraborty, Francesca Cotta and Avertino Miranda, #mondayfixgoa