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  • Presentation/ Ronny Sen/ Photographer

    Presentation/ Ronny Sen/ Photographer

    Ronny Sen is an independent photographer who has worked with some of the biggest national and international publications in the world and has won a plethora of awards from organizations like the National Geographic Magazine, Sony World, Shoot nations by the UN, The Forward Thinking Museum, Powerhouse and The Lonely Planet Magazine. He will present…

  • Presentation/ Rahul Alvares/ Herpetologist

    Presentation/ Rahul Alvares/ Herpetologist

    Rahul Alvares will share his experiences as a snake rescuer and photographer and discuss topics including identification of venomous snakes, snakebites, snake behaviour and the human threat to snake species in Goa.

  • Screening & interaction/ Going Home/ Jayesh Akhargekar

    Screening & interaction/ Going Home/ Jayesh Akhargekar

    Jayesh Akhargekar, to capture shades of human emotions through cinema joined Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute – SRFTI, Kolkata, Kolkata completing post graduation in Cinema (Direction & Screenplay Writing) at the institute in 2015 and Documentary direction from VGIK, Russian State University of Cinematography, Moscow. He is currently working on independent feature film &…

  • Discover the Estado da India

    Discover the Estado da India

    “Souls and Spices” is a 70 minute long video screener made in 2003 as “proof of concept” for a proposed TV series on Portuguese India. It presents a wealth of material for those interested in Goa’s Portuguese past. The team travelled to Portuguese settlements all across India, as well as to Lisbon and Sines in…

  • FOLK TALES: an evening of contemporary folk music

    FOLK TALES: an evening of contemporary folk music

    FOLK TALES sings different folk and traditional music forms.In the age where the earthen sounds and tales of people are bogged down by the over use of heavy electronic gadgets, FOLK TALES decided to look back and stick on to their roots from where it all began. Duo Rajkumar Sengupta and Soumya Ghose will play…

  • Poetry Reading

    Poetry Reading

    Priyal Gagan’s poetry is a meditative vomit of existential truths, exploring the nature of – love, gender identity, sexuality, violence, freedom & nudism.

  • Curtain Raiser: The 4th World Mouth Harp Festival of India

    Curtain Raiser: The 4th World Mouth Harp Festival of India

    ‘Jew’s harp’ – the mouth harps are considered as one of the primitive instruments. Organisers of The World Mouth Harp Festival of India will introduce you to this amazing instrument. This festival brings mouth harpists from around the globe. In its 4th year, the festival will showcase many musical genres and performers – traditional and…

  • Screening: Birds of Goa

    Screening: Birds of Goa

    Goa boasts more than 450 species of birds and has long been a top birdwatching destination. This documentary highlights the connections between classic Goan villages, forests surrounding it and the effect it has on birdlife.

  • Safe Goa, Serene Goa – a conversation

    Safe Goa, Serene Goa – a conversation

    You are warmly invited to a conversation about how we can create a safer Goa. Sexual harrassment in Goa is real for increasing number of people, however there is very little reporting of it either officially or unofficially. SafeGoa is an online platform created to collect and analyse data on sexual harassment, using high and…

  • Play : Is God a Taoist

    Play : Is God a Taoist

    This play was written by Raymond Merrill Smullyan. He wrote several books about Taoist philosophy, which he believes neatly solves most or all traditional philosophical problems as well as integrating mathematics, logic and philosophy into a cohesive whole.