The People’s Biodiversity Register (Goa) – Hycintha Aguiar | #mondayfixgoa 7.30 pm | 7th September 2020

Goa has a People’s Biodiversity Register that contains detailed information about local biological resources along with the medicinal and other traditional knowledge associated with them. Preparing these registers is mandated under India’s Biological Diversity Act, 2002 and Rules, 2004.

Being a qualified Zoologist and the Chairperson of the Biodiversity Management Committee of VP Goltim Navelim on Divar Island, Hycintha Aguiar works closely with local communities to document and chronicle this crucial knowledge.

In this presentation, she will share her experience of working on the People’s Biodiversity Register; stressing on the importance of drawing up this register as well as the importance of people’s participation in this crucial scientific activity.

Presentation by Hycintha Aguiar, Zoologist, Chairperson of the Biodiversity Management Committee of VP Goltim Navelim on Divar Island, Goa

As many as 6449 PBRs been put together so far covering 21 of the 29 states in India. Karnataka has 1777 PBRs while Sikkim has four as per NBA’s updated list. – National Biodiversity Authority, India-

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Screening & Interaction | Vince Costa | 6 Assagao, 7.30 pm, 17th June 2019


Saxtticho Koddo – The Granary of Salcete | This ethnographic film journeys through Curtorim’s agrarian roots, in an effort to go beyond rice as a staple, and explore how it is interwoven so intricately into the Goan identity.

Located in a valley, on the banks of the river Zuari is the village
of Curtorim in Salcete, a sub-district of Southern Goa. Through the ages, this village has been synonymous with the vast production of rice, thereby earning it the title of “Saxtticho Koddo” or “The Granary of Salcete”.

Director Vince Costa will screen and talk to us about the film and explore the agrarian roots that is interwoven so intricately into the Goan identity and will inspect the various socio-economic and environmental dynamics, that now affect contemporary farming in Goa today.

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Goan Brown Rice : The Story of Resurgence | 6th May 2019, 6 Assagao, 7.30 pm


An electronic engineer by profession, Nestor Rangel gave up his lucrative job and started farming and proved that one can profitably run a farm. Since last 11 years, he built up his 40-acre farm in Satari with a variety of fruit bearing trees.

Last year, Rangel undertook community farming in his home village, the St. Estevam island. Led by him, along with farmers took up rice cultivation in 125 acres of Khazan lands lying fallow for the last 30 Years. After harvesting, they decided to process the paddy into rice, to increase margins as well as offer good quality chemical free, unpolished organic rice to people of Goa.

To-date, with Goa’s Green Brigade devising an unique community social marketing via the social media, had successfully managed to sell around 90,000 kgs of brown rice throughout Goa without the use of traditional commercial shops or malls. This unique social marketing model has enabled to bring together the farmers produce and the consumers requirement though in a small way to start with, but has the potential of a far larger volume of rice production of at least four-fold this coming season and introduce various other farm produce like organic fruits and vegetables through community organic farming.

Rangel will speak about this journey. And Goan brown rice will be available in 10 kg packs @ 400 at the venue.

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