Travel Writing Workshop | Jessica Faleiro | Nov 17th 2018 10-2 pm | 91 Springboards Panjim


“Great travel writing consists of equal parts curiosity, vulnerability and vocabulary. It is not a terrain for know-it-alls or the indecisive. A well-grounded sense of place is the challenge for the writer. We observe, we calculate, we inquire, we look for a link between what we already know and what we’re about to learn. The finest travel writing describes what’s going on when nobody’s looking.”

― Tom Miller

Write insightful and incisive travel stories ~ from an experienced traveller and published author, Jessica Faleiro. This workshop will introduce you to tips, techniques and simulations to help you write your own travel stories and improve your existing writing.

Jessica Faleiro, an MA in creative writing from Kingston University, UK, is the author of ‘Afterlife: Ghost Stories From Goa’ and ‘The Delicate Balance of Little Lives’. She has also published travel features in Forbes, Skyscanner and The Times Of India.

4 hours of intense participation | At 91springboard Nov 17th Saturday 10 am -2 pm | Registration and payment ~