A Discussion on Mollem Issue, 27th July 2020 Monday 7.30 pm

This discussion with environmental lawyer Sreeja Chakraborty, Francesca Cotta of Save Mollem Campaign, with Avertino Miranda, Founder, Goa Green Brigade will cover issues of environmental protection acts, responsibilities of citizens and the possible outcomes for this Mollem issue.

Sreeja Chakraborty is an Environmental Lawyer and Co-Founder of Living Environment Advocacy Foundation (LEAF), a dedicated environmental advocacy group consisting of freelance lawyers and researchers dedicated in providing solution centric legal strategies for the protection of Western Ghats.

She will focus on Forest Conservation vis-a-vis multiple linear infrastructure projects planned in Goa, in this discussion.

Francesca is a member of Extinction Rebellion’s India chapter, and part of the Save Mollem campaign, helping with communications and strategies to keep the digital dissent active during a time of social distancing. She is co-founder of WILDBIYOO, that unpacks the complexity of the climate and ecological crisis through educational and arts events.

Presentation and moderation by Avertino Miranda, Journalist and founder of Goa Green Brigade.

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On Mollem, with Sreeja Chakraborty, Francesca Cotta and Avertino Miranda, #mondayfixgoa

Post Covid Environment, talk by Vimlendu Jha

India’s environment during and after Covid – A mirage or hope for future.

Covid has caused unprecedented economic and social misery, pushing millions round the world to poverty and starvation, along with anxiety around health and safety. In these difficult and uncertain times, one thing that has found a fresh lease of life is our environment – our air is cleaner, our rivers less polluted and birds and other species at ease.

Given the economic challenge confronting the world, restarting the economy is going to be the foemost priority of our government/s , and we fear that all that we have gained in terms of ecology will be wiped out, as a mirage, shortly, perhaps for the worse.

Situation also presents an opportunity, a plan B, of slowdown and course correction, to imagine an economic order that takes along the principles of sustainable development and equitable growth.

Vimlendu Jha is an environmentalist and a member of key international environmental boards including UN.

Please DM for talk link.

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Climate Crisis and Goa | Abhijit Prabhudesai | #mondayfixgoa | 22nd July 2019 7.30 pm


‘Climate Crisis – How should Goa respond?’ – The entire planet, including humans, is facing an existential crisis due to global warming, resource depletion and collapsing life-support systems. With the Governments refusing to see the obvious, we the citizens need to respond to the crisis, before it is too late. What are Goa’s issues, challenges and opportunities? Let us discuss and share our perspectives, with a view to arrive at the way forward.

Poster by Pale Blue Dot | Donation based program.

Searching for Water |#mondayfixgoa 6 Assagao, 15th July 2019


India is facing an unprecedented water crisis, with over 42% of the country reeling under acute drought and over 21 cities to run out of ground water by 2020. With over 80 water bodies completely contaminated or extinct, with almost all lakes of Bangalore either dead or frothing, Yamuna water only fit for industrial cooling, it’s high time we wake up. There is also the question of inequity, of transfer of natural resources (especially water) from the poor to the rich and rural to urban.

Vimlendu Jha is one of the leading Environmentalists of India and is a strong critic of government policies and its pro-rich strategies. He also is a practitioner on the ground, is involved in conservation activities in Delhi and Goa, apart from raising voice and contributing to other ecological issues. He also serves on the Ridge Management Board of Government of Delhi, and an Advisor to UN Environment on Sustainable Consumption and Production.

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World Environment Day: Swishing and Social Scrabble! at Hideaway, 6 pm


We’re celebrating World Environment Day by having a clothes swap (swishing), a presentation on slow fashion followed by a fun social scrabble where we will scrabble on a social theme.

Free entry with limited seating. Please RSVP in advance. Contact 7350909391 Link – https://www.facebook.com/events/316402765925229/

This clothes swap/ Swishing is for both Men and women.

We all have clothes and accessories sitting in our closets taking up space but, for some reason, we don’t wear them any more. Not because there’s anything wrong with them, but maybe coz it won’t fit any more or you are just not into that cut/style/colour etc. So, go raid your closets coz this clothes swap is your chance to swap such items with something that you’d actually love to wear.

Here are some commonsense guidelines to make this clothes swap worth our while.

What can we bring?

Please make sure it’s clean, washed, ironed, folded and neatly presentable. We will of course have quality control at the event to ensure that everything that goes on display at the swap is worth swapping. You have the option to donate or take back any items that don’t get past Quality Control or left unsnapped at the end of the event.

Suggested list of Swappables:

Clothes, accessories (like belts, bags, hats, jewelry, sunglasses), footwear, toys, games, pillowcase, curtains and such.

Big NO-NOs

The UNswappables!

Swimwear, undergarments, towels, cosmetics, or any items that are faded/stained/ripped/missing buttons/broken zippers/unstitched fabrics and pretty much ANYthing that you don’t like to see on display if it was offered to you. You get the idea!

Rules of Swapping

You get to Swap 1:1 across any categories.

For example if you bring 5items to swap (all 5 QC passed) then you’ll be given 5 tokens which you can swap for any clothes/accessories of your choice.

*The value of items do not matter when it comes to swapping coz it’s a Free swap.

*Please bring your items *Half hour* before the event, to help us do our QC and put them on display.

Most importantly, let’s remember the spirit in which this event is held and honour the Environment.


Chipko 2.0 | Tree Tagging Walk |Hosted by Thus. and Eco Champions For Goa | Friday 22nd Mar, 2019, 9-11 am


Dear Friends and tree lovers, let us come together to geo tag trees of our neighborhood. This allows us to locate, check on health and environmental/ social risk of trees.

Please download this app for tagging – https://www.opentreemap.org/livingheritage/map/

Please carry a bottle of water and if possible, tailor tapes to measure the diameter of the trees.

We will be meeting at 9 am at 6 Assagao and for two hours will walk around tagging. The team of Living Heritage will be with us for guidance.

See you. This is Chipko 2.0

Plant, Nurture, Grow, Love | A talk by Miguel Braganza | 6 Assagao, 17th Dec 2018, 7.30 pm onwards

trees mondayfix

Miguel Braganza_creative_1600

Trees are something we often take for granted when they are there and miss them when they are no longer there. They are treated as one treat one’s parents, siblings or spouse. Missed in their ABSENCE, rarely admired in their presence. We admire flowering plants that look pretty but may do us no service at all: the Flambouyant or Gul Mohur, for example. It does not give us food, wood, shade or any such service.

The Coconut Tree gives us different kinds of food and drink [tender coco water, toddy and feni], housing, coir with multiple uses, leaves as thatch, fuel or broom-sticks and yet, till 2007, one did not need any permission to cut any number of coconut trees .

There are some rare trees like the Baobab. Few have seen them. Many who have seen them still do not know anything about them. How did they reach Goa? Or were they a part of the land mass that drifted from Africa to form peninsular India as per Gondwanaland theory?

How do we grow trees from seed and nurture them? What are the laws for the Forests and the individual trees? Miguel Braganza will tell us more about the current aspects and nurture at #mondayfixgoa

Poster Tanya Khosla | Copy Aditi Dharmadhikari | Donation based event. Please donate to keep these programs alive and sharp, at the venue or Online here- https://www.instamojo.com/@thus_critique/ |#goanarratives#thusgoa

trees mondayfix



Bearing Witness | Arturo D’Souza | 6 Assagao, 7.30 pm 5th November 2018 | Mondayfix


Hailing from Santa Cruz, Arturo D’Souza has been struggling in Goa for the protection and conservation of wet lands, back waters, mangroves, and water bodies. Inspired by Fr. Bismarque, his hard work has come a long way in protecting Bondvol lake (Save Bondvol Lake).

He will commemorate Fr. Bismarque on this special day, and share his experiences of the people’s movements of Goa that is standing guard, bearing witness.

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Anatomy of Lost Battles | Vimlendu Jha | Oct 1st, 2018,6 Assagao at 7.30 pm


Vimlendu Jha is one of the leading environmental activists in the country and one of the most prominent public media voices on issues of environment and environmental justice. Having begun his journey almost 2 decades ago as a young student crusader for River Yamuna in New Delhi, he is ’embroiled’ in some of the most critical legal and policy issues of country with regard to our degrading environment, most recent ones being the High Court matter regarding the felling (interim ban) of trees, campaign against Art of Living’s World Culture Festival in the floodplains of Yamuna. He also serves on the Ridge Management Board of Government of Delhi.

‘Anatomy of Lost Battles’ aims at reflecting on some of the prominent environmental conflicts of our country, its genesis and outcome, along with deeper understanding of stakeholders that further or dilute the environmental regime of our country. The talk also shall reflect on the role of judiciary vis-a-vis environmental governance in the country, analyzing failure or co-option of the legislature and the executive.

Food and beverages will be available. Please donate pre/post for sustaining these programs.


Vanashakti | Presentation on Ecology and Conservation| September 10th, 2018, 7.30 pm at 6 Assagao


Vanashakti NGO, through Communication and Community Building measures, demonstrate the critical link between ecosystems and human welfare. Their thrust areas are forest, mangrove and wetland protection, environmental education for schools, both urban and rural, livelihoods for forest based communities and scientific investigation into local environmental degradation.

They will present their success stories and the way forward in conservation and maintaining the critical balance of eco system.

This is a donation based event. North Eastern Foods will be available. With support from The Owl House