Arpita Das Ribeiro of Yoda Press, A Talk. Design Centre, Alto Porvorim, March 31st, 6 pm

Few books published by Yoda Press

We are glad to announce that Yoda Press founder Arpita Das Ribeiro will be with us for a conversation this *Wednessday March 31st 6 pm *at Design Centre, Porvorim to tell us about her/ their story, the creative and alternative processes that helps non mainstream publishing houses stand firm and produce relevant books on contemporary Indian realities.

Yoda Press was awarded the Publisher of the Year Prize in 2016 at the Publishing Next Conference, held annually in Goa, India. Founded by Ms Das in 2004, this independent publishing house brings out books focusing on the non-mainstream, alternative and contemporary realities of the Indian subcontinent. Few Yoda Press titles are with us at Design Centre to browse and purchase.

Five Yoda Press titles were cited by the Supreme Court of India during its judgement in 2018 that decriminalised homosexuality in the country. #navtejsinghjohar

In addition to founding and running Yoda Press, Arpita Das was Curator of the Book Award for Excellence in Writing on Cinema and the Word to Screen Market at the Mumbai Film Festival between 2015 and 2018. She also set up and led the “Word Lab” at the Indian Institute of Human Settlements in Bangalore between 2014 and 2017. Visiting Faculty on the Creative Writing programmes at Ambedkar and Ashoka University in Delhi, she also runs the Yoda Press Series of Workshops for Editors and Authors. Member of the PublisHer ( board, she writes regularly on culture and gender for various periodicals and platforms.

Registration link for Wednesday March 31st program –

Limited seating following hygiene protocols, registration necessary.

Audiences are requested to park their vehicles near Nexa Service Station, the road ahead is steep and narrow. Limited Seating with social distancing guidelines. Parking location

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What is The Republic | A Discussion – Jan 25th 7.30 pm

with Albertina Almeida, Miguel Braganza and Saidutt Kamat this Mondayfixgoa 7.30 pm

Albertina Almeida, Miguel Braganza and Saidutt Kamat in a free wheeling discussion about what Federalism and Republic means to them, on the eve of Republic Day.

Albertina Almeida is a human rights activist, a Goa-based lawyer practicing for the last 30 years and an independent researcher and she writes regularly for the local press and occasionally for the national press.

Miguel Braganza is an agriculturist and the brain behind the Konkan Fruit Fest and the Festival of Flowers among others. He’s currently an agricultural consultant. He is inspiring a bunch of Agricultural graduates to work towards popularising organic farming.

Saidutt Kamat is multi talented, a mimicry artist, voice actor, Cricket commentator, public speaker and an entrepreneur.

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The Saree Unstitched | Indian Draping Company|9th October, 7-10 pm, 2017 @ 6 Assagao


The Sari, Unstitched : An unraveling of the versatile fabric

The Sari is an unstitched piece of fabric ranging from five to nine yards in length, with two ornamental borders running along the length, and a pallu at the outer end. Versatile and fluid, the Sari can be draped in any style using just knots and pleats needing no petticoat and blouse either.

The unstitched fabric, in the past, would enjoy the patronage of both women and men. Men would wear it as a pair of shorts or a dhoti depending on the occasion, while women around India customized the Sari to their needs, culture and geography, thus giving birth to more than 100 draping styles across India. Despite the rich historical background, the Sari can always be personalised to one’s needs; once the principles are honed and put into practice, many more draping styles can evolve for contemporary needs.

The diverse Sari drapes are most comfortable, limitless, and beautiful when draped in a handloom Sari, a dying art in much need for a resurgence.

Join Niketa, an acclaimed Sari researcher and stylist in this unique event where she will take you through the history of the garment and show you some fascinating drapes from India. Niketa will give you a glimpse of the different types of Indian handloom fabrics, their qualities and how the art needs to be supported. In the end, she will teach select participants the art of draping the Sari and developing an unique personal style.

Poetry Jamming | Dissenters P, Q and R.| 6 Assagao | 7-10 pm | 21st August, 2017


Poetry Jamming | Dissenters P, Q and R.| 6 Assagao | 7-10 pm | 21st August, 2017

In her intrepid wanderings as a gypsy soul, Priyal Woodpecker finds love and liberation through her poetry. This (poly)artist wanders in a multiverse of artistic expression, be it poetry or drawings/illustrations, knotting art, photography or design, constantly indulging in Anthropological Storytelling.

Her work traverses through the social and political fabric of conversations – exploring and excavating the very nature of love, gender, sexuality, violence, feminism and depression. In her curious meanderings, she has travelled, performed & collaborated with myriad artists in Vietnam, Cambodia, Egypt, Nepal and India. 

Priyal will take her artistic endeavours to reinvent the nuances that characterize art, poetry and literature in Uganda. Uganda, being the only liberate in East Africa, is organizing the first-of-its-kind literature festival – ‘GABFEST’ in Sept’ 17. Curated by the Book enthusiasts Of Kampala, this festival aims to cultivate the Culture Of Reading among locals, by bringing together contemporary writers/poets from the world of words. The festival will also facilitate a cultural exchange; exposing the Ugandan youth to the literary world in an effort to inspire & initiate Expression.

She, Doctor Gandu and Paul Rodrigues will jam to raise fund for her travel this Monday. Also as part of her ongoing fundraiser campaign, she will be showcasing & selling 50 unique pieces of handmade macrame jewellery.

Please gather by 7 pm for food, beverages and seats. It is a donation based event.

Blood & Flowers/ Amruta Patil/ In conversation


Amruta Patil will be sharing images from her new graphic novel Sauptik: Blood and Flowers* and will talk about stories and art, warriors and lovers, hermaphrodite dancers, blood and flower metaphors, un-gendering mythology…and what it means to gestate everyone’s story in one standard-edition body.

*Preorder Sauptik:

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Poetry Reading


Four poets, Scherezade Siobhan, Greg Bem, Kripi Grey and Priyal Mog will be presenting their work. A multi-disciplinary weaving of words, sounds and visuals will welcome you to experience worlds within worlds as they open their palms and let the menagerie of memory shine in silvered dark. In association with TATVA.

Kripi Malviya is an Indian psychologist, existential psychotherapist and mental health trainer; she is also a poet, writer and avid traveler. As the co-creator of the international experiential emotional wellness organisation TATVA. She promotes feminism in her practice and advocates for reciprocal relationships between multidisciplinary creative self expression, emotional awareness and therapy; with respect, inclusivity and vulnerability. She loves living on islands and disintegrating existing power structures and systems. Her work has been published in Psychedelic Press UK, The Four Quarters Magazine and she is currently a guest writer for the online magazine ‘Feminism in India’. She has worked in various South East and South Asian countries including India, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Thailand.

Greg Bem is a writer, curator and technologist based in Seattle. He has organized, hosted and performed in poetry and cultural events spanning such diverse places as Hong Kong, Cambodia, California, Philadelphia, Rhode Island, and Maine. His published work has appeared in form of over half dozen chapbooks and also in Berfrois, Rain Taxi, Queenmobs amongst many other literary spaces. He is the creator of a community driven series of readings in Seattle called “Ghost Tokens” and also ran the much applauded and well recognized interdisciplinary art event “Breadline” in Seattle. In 2015, he organized and participanted in the event Tukwila Revealed as part of the Duwamish Revealed project in 2015. Through art, science, and historical inquiry, it aimed to explore ecological, social, developmental, and literary elements of the Duwamish River. He is the founder and editor-in-chief of a new literary and arts review journal Yellow Rabbits Review. He can be found at

Scherezade Siobhan is an Indo-Roma social scientist, writer and performance artist who uses textual, aural, visual and kinesthetic experiences in a combination of semantics and somatics to explore the landscape of non-white womanhood & its manifold exiles as well as revolutions – physical, emotional and psychological. Her writing has been translated into multiple languages as well as featured in various digital and physical spaces and can be found in literary magazines, anthologies, international galleries, rehab centers and in the bios of okcupid users. Her digital collection of poems “Bone Tongue” was published by Thought Catalog Books and her full length poetry book “Father, Husband” was recently released by Salopress UK. She is interested in a feminist psychology that enables neurodivergent women to decipher their mental and environmental habitats via arts and to support this she initiated “The Mira Project”( in 2016 so as to encourage global dialogues about women’s safety, gendered violence and street harassment.