Post Covid Environment, talk by Vimlendu Jha

India’s environment during and after Covid – A mirage or hope for future.

Covid has caused unprecedented economic and social misery, pushing millions round the world to poverty and starvation, along with anxiety around health and safety. In these difficult and uncertain times, one thing that has found a fresh lease of life is our environment – our air is cleaner, our rivers less polluted and birds and other species at ease.

Given the economic challenge confronting the world, restarting the economy is going to be the foemost priority of our government/s , and we fear that all that we have gained in terms of ecology will be wiped out, as a mirage, shortly, perhaps for the worse.

Situation also presents an opportunity, a plan B, of slowdown and course correction, to imagine an economic order that takes along the principles of sustainable development and equitable growth.

Vimlendu Jha is an environmentalist and a member of key international environmental boards including UN.

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Minds beyond mines : Goa’s future ~ A Discussion | 6 Assagao, March 25th 2019, 7.30 pm


For the last six months there has been a battle royale going on between mining dependents who feel deprived and cheated by the Government, and the Government itself which has consistently making promises to attempt to restart mining, to no avail. Away from this battle, there are much larger questions, should Goa’s future be dependent on mining alone to why have we allowed our natural bounty of rivers, farms, forests to wither away and become valueless! It is time to tap into the vast treasure trove of resources that nature has given us and use it for sustainable livelihoods.

Why can’t employment, development be in absolute harmony with our land instead of being in constant conflict.

Participants in this discussion are :

Atul Jad​h​av, former President of the Barge Owner’s Association Goa, an important stakeholder in the mining industry.

Joanna Pyres is an independent consultant with The Partnering Initiative and a handful of like-minded small private sector consultancies to facilitate greater understanding and implementation of effective multi-stakeholder collaborations, working with both partnerships and organisations.

Maria Victor is passionate and inspired by new ideas, attitudes and experiences. Founder of Make it Happen : that advocates cross-cultural sharing with locals, partaking in festivals and traditions, and getting perspective of their socio-cultural heritage.

Nihal Melwani is an engineering graduate, scion of a mining family and is closely involved in the efforts of his father to find out of the box solutions to the mining imbroglio which are people centric. He is in an unique position to comment on the employment and career prospects in Goa for young graduates like him who may not be privileged to enter family run enterprises.

This discussion will be moderated by Sujay Gupta. He has written extensively on this issue of mining and all its ills, and presently is the consulting editor of Herald.

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Abandoned Mines/ Beyond Gimmicks & Eye Washes/ Donovan Gracias


The lack of Mine closure strategies is one of the primary issues that are pushing Goa to an environmental and economic collapse. The mining industry in Goa has also had the ‘foresight’ to ensure that its devastating impact will be felt here forever. Massive craters are left abandoned to a miserable existence, which continue to impact its surroundings. The thesis proposal by Architect Donovan Gracias – “Project Earth: A Memorial to the Devastation of the Earth” hopes to explore the possibilities of rehabilitating such an abandoned mine beyond gimmicks and eyewashes.

The Talk –