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  • Live Gig : EP release of XSCT

    Live Gig : EP release of XSCT

    Ian de Noronha (Keyboards) and Vj Xavier (Guitar) will play their kind of music, experimental songs/pieces with harmonic progressions borrowed from Jazz and Funk music. Their influences are Chick Corea, Snarky Puppy, Cory Henry, Billy Joel, Dream Theatre, Sting, Freddy Mercury, Steve Perry and host of others. Neel Adhikari will open this set.

  • Tribute to Abbas Kiarostami

    Tribute to Abbas Kiarostami

    He said, “It’s said that in the beginning was the word, but for me the beginning is always an image. When I think about a conversation, it always starts with images. And what I love about photography is the inscription of a single moment: it’s completely ephemeral. You take the photograph, and one second later,…

  • Films against stigma: Screening & Conversations

    Films against stigma: Screening & Conversations

    Talking about mental health issues to others can feel shameful, boring, selfish and burdensome. Those going through depression, addictions, bi-polar or other debilitating conditions often face much shame and stigma from society in general. Many people seem almost embarrassed to admit that they need help and support, thinking it’s a weakness; whilst others think that…

  • Presentation/ Ronny Sen/ Photographer

    Presentation/ Ronny Sen/ Photographer

    Ronny Sen is an independent photographer who has worked with some of the biggest national and international publications in the world and has won a plethora of awards from organizations like the National Geographic Magazine, Sony World, Shoot nations by the UN, The Forward Thinking Museum, Powerhouse and The Lonely Planet Magazine. He will present…

  • Presentation/ Rahul Alvares/ Herpetologist

    Presentation/ Rahul Alvares/ Herpetologist

    Rahul Alvares will share his experiences as a snake rescuer and photographer and discuss topics including identification of venomous snakes, snakebites, snake behaviour and the human threat to snake species in Goa.