Reading the Ramayana by Moonlight (Part ||) | Arshia Sattar with Imran Ali Khan

#mondayfixgoa Nov 30th 7.30 pm

A few months back in September, we hosted a fantastic discussion between Arshia Sattar and Imran Ali Khan on reading the Ramayana by Moonlight. One of the promises we were able to extract – based on popular demand for an encore – was to come back with a second edition (and there will also be a third).

Please join Arshia and Imran on 30th November, Monday (with a serendipitious full moon) for the second session in our series on reading the Ramayana by Moonlight. They will read some of their favourite passages from Arshia’s translation of the Valmiki Ramayana, published in 1995. Through the readings, Imran and Arshia will talk further about the story of Rama as he journeys across landscapes, over rivers and into the deepest forests – spaces real and imagined, sensual and tactile.

Zoom link – Passcode Ramayana

Youtube – thuslive streaming

They will take us through the many Indian arts of story telling that are the real medium through which Ramayana has been kept alive, and is also therefore a far more plural and diverse text, than we understand. For over thirty years, Arshia has worked closely with the Ramayana, charmed by its metaphors and made uncomfortable by its brutalities. Join us as we attempt to understand a story that has captured the imagination of the subcontinent for over 2000 years.

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