You Don’t Belong – Screening


‘You Don’t Belong’ traces the journey of a song from the margins into the urban ‘popular’ mainstream which is placed in the larger narratives of myth and memory, folk and copyright, home and migration, writer and composer. Disparate artists are bound together in this film in the quest for the elusive author of the song “Laal Pahari”.

This is one self-reflexive journey into the world of folk, a journey, which nudges established ideas of home, nostalgia, belonging, and authorship as the film explores deeper into the song that serves for a metaphor of the contemporary fragmented times.

Screening and Interaction with Film Maker


Livelihood, hope, respectability, dream, education, fear, ambition, mobility, love, lust, power, status, aspiration; English is a colourful thread that binds the multilingual dreams of this multilingual nation. Yet, English remains an uneasy reality for some. This film is a role-play into being a guide and a tourist into towns, cities, bazaars, schools, mornings, monuments, memories and by-lanes in search of the thread that ties this vast nation together

Film Maker Spandan Banerjee will be present to interact with the audience. He is a National Award winning independent filmmaker. This English India premiered at Hot Docs Toronto at the 2015th edition showcasing the best of Indian documentaries. It was also shortlisted for the Best Feature Documentary, Asia Pacific Screen Awards.