Book Launch ‘River of Stories’ by Orijit Sen at Prose Patisserie, Nachinola

Launch of River of Stories, 25th Anniversary Collector’s Hard Cover Edition

We are thrilled to invite you for the launch of the new edition of River of Stories, the 25th Anniversary Collector’s Hard Cover.

This Graphic novel published by @blaftpublications Chennai, has a special place in Indian comics history. The narrative is an insightful, sharp observation on immediacy of environmentally degenerative development projects.

A conversation with @orijitzen the author, and Archa Sancou, Assistant Professor, English @chowgulecollegeofficial is scheduled at @the_dogears_bookshop at 6 pm, on 19th November, 2022.

Details about @goaheritagefestival 3 PM on 18 | 11 | 22 & @literatigoa 6.30 PM on 25 | 11 | 22 programs are coming soon.

See you there.

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Film Screening at The Flying Goat, Anjuna, Sunday June 26th 2022, 8 pm onwards

From sunshine and beaches, to rawa fried fish and delectable beef dishes, from cashews to feni and choriz to churches, from dense green forests to rivers as wide as the eye can see, its cheerful people and quaint, colorful houses with terracotta roofed porches signing off on the ultimate susegad life – India’s smallest state also happens to be most people’s favorite, its rich, vibrant, pluralistic and largely liberal culture attracting visitors of all kinds.

But does this ubiquitous “Goa for everyone” feeling really make you Goan? And how is Goa’s unique local culture being shaped by the many waves of immigration – past and present – that have passed through its lands? This weekend we explore such questions and more with a curated screening program featuring two locally made documentary films.

The Golden Fish by Avadhoot Potdar, Akanksha Gupta and Akshata Dalvi looks at Goa’s burgeoning casino industry and its impact on the local economy and community, whereas Bread & Belonging by Goan filmmaker Sonia Filinto, explores the relationship between food, culture and migration through the lens of Goa’s unique bread, pão. Both films address issues of migration, changing culture and the ever-present need to earn a living.

Join us on Sunday, 26th June 8pm onwards at The Flying Goat for an evening of cinema and conversation as we explore the evolving identity of a cherished land through local stories and perspectives. Limited seating available, call on +91 8828138632 to book your seats!

Poster by the @i_gradient ❤️




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Future of Comics | Falah Faisal in conversation with Orijit Sen 13th December #mondayfixgoa

This #mondayfixgoa will be absorbing. We have the OG @orijitzen and @musalmancomix a.k.a. @gonzogram66 talking about the responsibilities of contemporary art, and discuss the worldwide occurrences of issue based art. And Of Course, the future of comics!

From this conversation, we hope to learn about the ‘kintsugi’ in graphic art field, of how their artworks are weaving together the fractured freedom – the visual affirmations that resonates with the curious young minds, to find reasons, and find ways to ask right questions.

At @odd.joint @groove42goa 8 pm Venue


Rewriting the Candolim Story : Roshan Luke Mathias in conversation with Sapna Shahani, #mondayfixgoa, at Vagator Groove42, Nov 29th 2021

#mondayfixgoa Nov 29th, this conversation will have shades of contemporary history, cultural geography and intangible heritages that we are losing.

Roshan Luke Mathias has been a tourist, a student, a businessman, a family man rooted in Candolim, a real son of the Soil. After 4 decades, he is the Vice President of Goencho Avaaz, a local political party and candidate for Calangute constituency in the upcoming election. As a citizen activist, Roshan has fought many battles to save Goa’s unique culture & ecology from wanton destruction.

He will be in conversation with Sapna Shahani, (mostly about his village and vision) recipient of 2021 ‘SheThePeople’ Digital Women Award and 2009 prestigious MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Media and Learning award, which enabled her to train a pan-Indian network of women to produce videos about social issues. She is the founder of Blurb, a creative marketing agency.


Venue Groove 42, Vagator

The Most Retracted Person in the comments section- Deep Fried Neurons – A Stand Up. 22nd Nov 2021, 8 pm, at Groove 42, Vagator, Goa.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this #mondayfixgoa we present Deep Fried Neurons, a stand up routine with no punchlines, he thinks it makes it a performance essay, but could argue after the show. In his piece “The Most Retracted Person in the Comment Section”, Deep Fried Neurons will speak about his life before the #meme regime, with the story of why he had to choose a stage name, to his #quest of becoming Legally Qualified Neurons, and his adventures in court. #legally trying Neurons intends to become a part of the solution, if he ever solves the problem that arises when the process of achieving #justice is the harassment.

He’s a #memer and a Lawyer. 

@asifiknowu a.k.a @deepfriedneurons



Venue –

Whatsapp University International Masters program (WIMP) at #mondayfixgoa Nov 8th, 7.30 pm, at Vagator | Bharat Nayak in conversation.

Time 7.30 pm, 8th November 2021 #mondayfixgoa

Venue – Groove 42, Vagator

Bharat Nayak, as a founding editor, oversaw the rise of The Logical Indian, a digital media platform, from 20k followers to six million people. He has headed a newsroom for five years, strategized and oversaw the execution of content, and worked towards laying down the editorial policy at The Logical Indian. In addition, he has conceptualized & designed campaign strategies and headed collaborations for

He heads the fact-check division and a verification trainer of the Google News Initiative Trainer Network in India, a program to help fellow/journalism students fight the tide of online misinformation.

He will talk to us about the emergence of ‘Fact Checkers’ – the new snappy vocation that comes with loads of responsibilities and physical threats. We will get to know the ABCs of Fact Checking and get a sneak peek into the murky world of propaganda artists.

The passion to engage in rational conversation about the pertinent social issues surrounding us drives him to what he does. He believes that through the use of social media, stories that focus on bringing social issues, provoke ones to think, and bring behavioral change should travel far.  

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Conversation with Saket Gokhale, Sunday 31st October 7.30 pm, at Groove 42

Saket Gokhale, in conversation.On why it is important to ask questions.He is a former foreign correspondent who returned to India to work on issues of transparency & Constitutional Rights. He’s been involved with numerous issues in the process of holding the government accountable by various means such as RTI applications, investigations, representations, and litigations.This Sunday Oct 31st, 7.30 pm at Groove 42, Vagator.


Will Goa Vote for Change! at Institute Menezes Braganza Hall, Nov 1st, 2021, 7.15 pm

A small state like Goa is where change begins.

The political platform for 2022 needs to effectively articulate the real concerns of the Goan people: which range from protecting our forests and beaches; regulated industrial development and mining; and guarding Goa’s cultural heritage as a unique, inclusive, and plural society. While the Indian democracy is struggling to fight back, will Goa lead us to a new direction?Please join for a special thus. panel with Dean D’Cruz, Caroline Colasso, Antonio Clovis Costa and Swati Kerkar on Monday, November 1st, 7.30 pm, at Institute Menezes Braganza.

Moderator Alok Hisarwalla.

Design : @palebluedotgoa

Solidarity – @actforGoadonations

#goanarratives #goaappreciationprogram 

What is Fake News | Our information P#^b!*m

H R Venkatesh in conversation with Delson Roche

This #mondayfixgoa BOOM and Media Buddhi bring you a discussion titled, Our Information P#^b!*m (What is fake news) In it you will learn how to deal with ‘fake news’ and distinguish between news, opinion and propaganda, how to identify sources and how to develop a media and social media consumption strategy. The focus will be on learning to ask the right questions.

H R Venkatesh is Director, Training and Research at BOOM FactCheck where he runs an initiative called ‘Media Buddhi’. Prior to joining BOOM, he was a John S. Knight Fellow in Journalism at Stanford University. Venkatesh is a journalist and has previously been a founding editor at The Quint and a Senior Anchor at CNN-IBN. He is from Bengaluru, but now lives in New Delhi. Venkatesh was educated at Bangalore, Symbiosis and Oxford

He will be in conversation with Delson Roche, a Master Mariner and presently involved in training of seafarers. Delson is passionate about teaching science and scientific ideas.

Please register in advance for this meeting:

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Through these programs, we bring together perspectives of various issues to keep you engaged, inspired and sharp. We are independent and your support will keep us going. Please contribute in the link below-

Thank you Sonia Fillinto

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