The Journey of Fado | Sonia Shirsat with Fernanda Maciel – Feb 8th, 7.30 pm, 2021

The Journey of Fado

Fado is the traditional folk music from Portugal, usually characterised by mournful tunes and lyrics, often about the sea or the life of the poor, and infused with a sentiment of resignation, fatefulness and melancholia. The Portuguese Guitar (an ethnic instrument which resembles more the mandolin than the contemporary guitar) is the main accompanying instrument for this song.

Fernanda Maciel, is one of the very first women to play the Portuguese guitar professionally. This pioneer, originally from Brazil, moved to Portugal for the instrument, to study and play.

Fernanda will be in conversation with Sonia Shirsat, the Queen of Goan Fado, from Ponda and the ambassador of Goan music to the world.

They will introduce us to this special genre of music (described by UNESCO as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage”), speak about their experiences as professionals in the same field, and working across continents.

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What is The Republic | A Discussion – Jan 25th 7.30 pm

with Albertina Almeida, Miguel Braganza and Saidutt Kamat this Mondayfixgoa 7.30 pm

Albertina Almeida, Miguel Braganza and Saidutt Kamat in a free wheeling discussion about what Federalism and Republic means to them, on the eve of Republic Day.

Albertina Almeida is a human rights activist, a Goa-based lawyer practicing for the last 30 years and an independent researcher and she writes regularly for the local press and occasionally for the national press.

Miguel Braganza is an agriculturist and the brain behind the Konkan Fruit Fest and the Festival of Flowers among others. He’s currently an agricultural consultant. He is inspiring a bunch of Agricultural graduates to work towards popularising organic farming.

Saidutt Kamat is multi talented, a mimicry artist, voice actor, Cricket commentator, public speaker and an entrepreneur.

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Chronologies of Fado| Sonia Shirsat| 19th August 7.30 pm 6 Assagao


This talk is about origin, evolution and various aspects of Fado, by Sonia Shirsat, “the ambassador of Goan music to the world”

This will be a journey into the evolution of Fado, its elements, its emotion and its pain. This Melancholic music has pierced into hearts universally.

Join us as we unravel this mystical, melodious and memorable path of the Fado!!

Limited seating. Please arrive 15 mins early. Donation based programme.

Poster by Pale Blue Dot.


Discover the Estado da India


“Souls and Spices” is a 70 minute long video screener made in 2003 as “proof of concept” for a proposed TV series on Portuguese India. It presents a wealth of material for those interested in Goa’s Portuguese past. The team travelled to Portuguese settlements all across India, as well as to Lisbon and Sines in Portugal; documenting heritage monuments and artefacts dating back to the times of the Estado da India; and interviewing a comprehensive list both of scholars connected to the Indo-Portuguese story in different ways. This is the first public screening of the video in Goa since 2003. The filmmaker duo Christopher Rego and Desmond Nazareth (if his schedules permit) will be present to answer questions after the screening.