Groove Investigations


Jesse Charnow has played with Anoushka Shankar and was trained by Pt. Ravi Shankar. He and Pandu played in the band Jazmin. Bunny is a multi instrumentalist. Pandu likes music and want to be empty so that the magic can pass through him. He also got a Grammy. They will explore sounds and groove textures and songs.

Live Baul by Anusheh Anadil


Anusheh Anadil is a Bangladeshi musician, artist, cultural activist, mother and entrepreneur. Her love for the philosophy and music of Bauls and Fakirs of Bengal inspired her to choose this form of music.

She is highly influential in reintroducing the philosophies and folk culture of Bengal. Her songs make us question our core belief systems and remind us that no change is possible unless a revolution starts within ourselves first.

Anusheh runs her own crafts shop called JATRA in Dhaka. Jatra has been doing path-breaking work in developing local arts and crafts through a partnership between local artisans and designers using traditional methods and materials to make modern products. Jatra’s project to bring the stories, crafts, flora and fauna of Bangladesh to the forefront is especially admired.