Arpita Das Ribeiro of Yoda Press, A Talk. Design Centre, Alto Porvorim, March 31st, 6 pm

Few books published by Yoda Press

We are glad to announce that Yoda Press founder Arpita Das Ribeiro will be with us for a conversation this *Wednessday March 31st 6 pm *at Design Centre, Porvorim to tell us about her/ their story, the creative and alternative processes that helps non mainstream publishing houses stand firm and produce relevant books on contemporary Indian realities.

Yoda Press was awarded the Publisher of the Year Prize in 2016 at the Publishing Next Conference, held annually in Goa, India. Founded by Ms Das in 2004, this independent publishing house brings out books focusing on the non-mainstream, alternative and contemporary realities of the Indian subcontinent. Few Yoda Press titles are with us at Design Centre to browse and purchase.

Five Yoda Press titles were cited by the Supreme Court of India during its judgement in 2018 that decriminalised homosexuality in the country. #navtejsinghjohar

In addition to founding and running Yoda Press, Arpita Das was Curator of the Book Award for Excellence in Writing on Cinema and the Word to Screen Market at the Mumbai Film Festival between 2015 and 2018. She also set up and led the “Word Lab” at the Indian Institute of Human Settlements in Bangalore between 2014 and 2017. Visiting Faculty on the Creative Writing programmes at Ambedkar and Ashoka University in Delhi, she also runs the Yoda Press Series of Workshops for Editors and Authors. Member of the PublisHer ( board, she writes regularly on culture and gender for various periodicals and platforms.

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Limited seating following hygiene protocols, registration necessary.

Audiences are requested to park their vehicles near Nexa Service Station, the road ahead is steep and narrow. Limited Seating with social distancing guidelines. Parking location

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What is The Republic | A Discussion – Jan 25th 7.30 pm

with Albertina Almeida, Miguel Braganza and Saidutt Kamat this Mondayfixgoa 7.30 pm

Albertina Almeida, Miguel Braganza and Saidutt Kamat in a free wheeling discussion about what Federalism and Republic means to them, on the eve of Republic Day.

Albertina Almeida is a human rights activist, a Goa-based lawyer practicing for the last 30 years and an independent researcher and she writes regularly for the local press and occasionally for the national press.

Miguel Braganza is an agriculturist and the brain behind the Konkan Fruit Fest and the Festival of Flowers among others. He’s currently an agricultural consultant. He is inspiring a bunch of Agricultural graduates to work towards popularising organic farming.

Saidutt Kamat is multi talented, a mimicry artist, voice actor, Cricket commentator, public speaker and an entrepreneur.

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Empty Nets and Barren Beds | A conversation | Vikram Doctor with Dr. Aaron Savio Lobo | 14th September 7.30 pm


We have two interesting speakers this #mondayfixgoa to converse on how the changing nature of seafood consumption, particularly in tourist destinations like Goa, is changing our environment and the future of our food.


Vikram Doctor is a journalist with the Economic Times. He writes features, mostly on material culture in India and with a special focus on the many roles and functions of food in Indian society. You can follow him


Dr. Aaron Savio Lobo is a naturalist at heart, a conservation scientist by training and gourmet by aspiration. That said, he tends to see the world through two lenses – Nature and Food. What we eat, where it comes from, who produced it, at what cost, and most importantly, how to eat and feed the planet sustainably are questions that keep him occupied. On completing his PhD from the University of Cambridge in marine conservation science he decided to venture beyond academia and has worked on a diversity of projects in the marine conservation domain in a wide range of countries and contexts. These include understanding the impacts of tropical fisheries on ecosystems and livelihoods, setting up participatory models for the management of Marine Protected Areas, setting up programmes for monitoring small-scale fisheries. He is currently a member of the IUCN SSC Marine Conservation Committee and is an advisor on the seafood advisory service called Know Your Fish. You can follow him @meenscientist

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Post Covid Environment, talk by Vimlendu Jha

India’s environment during and after Covid – A mirage or hope for future.

Covid has caused unprecedented economic and social misery, pushing millions round the world to poverty and starvation, along with anxiety around health and safety. In these difficult and uncertain times, one thing that has found a fresh lease of life is our environment – our air is cleaner, our rivers less polluted and birds and other species at ease.

Given the economic challenge confronting the world, restarting the economy is going to be the foemost priority of our government/s , and we fear that all that we have gained in terms of ecology will be wiped out, as a mirage, shortly, perhaps for the worse.

Situation also presents an opportunity, a plan B, of slowdown and course correction, to imagine an economic order that takes along the principles of sustainable development and equitable growth.

Vimlendu Jha is an environmentalist and a member of key international environmental boards including UN.

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A Fairer World | Devina Singh, Fairtrade India| 6 Assagao, 7th October, 7.30 pm

4E215475-E8BC-46BF-8AB7-CE088EF6A5D8Fairtrade is a global movement that aims to empower the farmers and workers in food and fashion supply chains. It’s about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability and fair terms of trade for many farmers and workers. Fairtrade India is a not for profit that works to promote responsible consumption and production in India (United Nations SDG 12).

Devina is a campaigner for Fairtrade and manages the communication and outreach for Fairtrade India. Her work at Fairtrade focuses on raising awareness about the power we as consumers have to empower many farmers and workers, who make and grow our food and clothes. She has worked on the project to launch India’s first Fairtrade School and works with many Fairtrade certified food and fashion brands to promote responsible consumption and production in India.

As a human rights activist she wishes that global citizens take note of the social and environmental cost of their everyday decisions. She is determined to make businesses more accountable to their processes, the planet and it’s people in the near future and hopes that global trade becomes fairer.

Limited Seating. Donor pass at 200/-. Poster by Pale Blue Dot, Goa.

Goan Brown Rice : The Story of Resurgence | 6th May 2019, 6 Assagao, 7.30 pm


An electronic engineer by profession, Nestor Rangel gave up his lucrative job and started farming and proved that one can profitably run a farm. Since last 11 years, he built up his 40-acre farm in Satari with a variety of fruit bearing trees.

Last year, Rangel undertook community farming in his home village, the St. Estevam island. Led by him, along with farmers took up rice cultivation in 125 acres of Khazan lands lying fallow for the last 30 Years. After harvesting, they decided to process the paddy into rice, to increase margins as well as offer good quality chemical free, unpolished organic rice to people of Goa.

To-date, with Goa’s Green Brigade devising an unique community social marketing via the social media, had successfully managed to sell around 90,000 kgs of brown rice throughout Goa without the use of traditional commercial shops or malls. This unique social marketing model has enabled to bring together the farmers produce and the consumers requirement though in a small way to start with, but has the potential of a far larger volume of rice production of at least four-fold this coming season and introduce various other farm produce like organic fruits and vegetables through community organic farming.

Rangel will speak about this journey. And Goan brown rice will be available in 10 kg packs @ 400 at the venue.

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On Advocacy and Action | Bombay Hemp Company


This Diwali marks an auspicious note for Hemp in India, with the Uttar Pradesh State Government announcing creation of a policy for the cultivation of Cannabis directed towards it’s industrial and medical applications.

This news bodes especially well for research institutes such as National Botanical Research Institute (CSIR-NBRI), that are based in Lucknow and are primed to conduct genetic and botanical development of low THC Cannabis varieties in collaboration with BOHECO, for their use in commercial cultivation by farming communities across Uttar Pradesh. The years to come could prove to be revolutionary for farming communities, all thanks to the light and wisdom of Governments towards the larger vision of embracing Hemp as a tool to catalyze the nation.

Now, BOHECO stands at the forefront of the Hemp industry in India in pursuit of receiving it’s 3rd license followed by India’s first ever medical cannabis license received in Jammu and its second license in Uttarakhand for industrial hemp, both in partnership with government institutes.

They will talk about this journey and their strategies of political advocacy. Donation based event ~ & at venue (6 Assagao).