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  • Materiality of Sound/João Renato Orecchia Zúñiga

    Materiality of Sound/João Renato Orecchia Zúñiga

    João Renato Orecchia Zúñiga is an artist and performer who makes things with sound. Through experimentation and improvisation Orecchia investigates the materiality of sound, seeking a balance between computer technology, hand-made electronics and real world sounds like the human voice, field recordings and traditional musical instruments.

  • Sound Bending/ Travelogue/ Sameer Thakur

    Sound Bending/ Travelogue/ Sameer Thakur

    This summer of 2016, Sameer Thakur was invited to share sounds of his Morchung in Yakutsk, Russia at, convincingly, the world’s largest festival celebrating the traditions of the mouth harp.

  • Screening : Remembering Kurdi

    Screening : Remembering Kurdi

    The film tries to piece together fractured memories of a village that was submerged by the Salaulim Dam over three decades ago, but which resurfaces annually for a few weeks during the summer – allowing its prior inhabitants to return to perform rituals, visit the graves of their ancestors, have picnics in the ruins of their homes, and remember what is lost.

  • Evening of Classical Guitar Music

    Evening of Classical Guitar Music

    Veda Aggarwal is a classical guitarist with a merit in the Trinity College Grade 8 examination in 2005. Veda lives in Pune, India, and has been teaching and performing locally for several years. Her last collaborative work was adapting arias from Mozart’s Don Giovianni for classical guitar, in a unique online partnership with the American soprano Samantha Chardin. One of five national finalists for the Spanish Guitar Competition in 2009, Veda has received special training from classical guitarists Roger Zimmerman and GFA 2010 winner Johannes Moller.

  • Live Gig : EP release of XSCT

    Live Gig : EP release of XSCT

    Ian de Noronha (Keyboards) and Vj Xavier (Guitar) will play their kind of music, experimental songs/pieces with harmonic progressions borrowed from Jazz and Funk music. Their influences are Chick Corea, Snarky Puppy, Cory Henry, Billy Joel, Dream Theatre, Sting, Freddy Mercury, Steve Perry and host of others. Neel Adhikari will open this set.

  • FOLK TALES: an evening of contemporary folk music

    FOLK TALES: an evening of contemporary folk music

    FOLK TALES sings different folk and traditional music forms.In the age where the earthen sounds and tales of people are bogged down by the over use of heavy electronic gadgets, FOLK TALES decided to look back and stick on to their roots from where it all began. Duo Rajkumar Sengupta and Soumya Ghose will play some lyrically flowing groove, with Vishal Singh.

  • Curtain Raiser: The 4th World Mouth Harp Festival of India

    Curtain Raiser: The 4th World Mouth Harp Festival of India

    ‘Jew’s harp’ – the mouth harps are considered as one of the primitive instruments. Organisers of The World Mouth Harp Festival of India will introduce you to this amazing instrument. This festival brings mouth harpists from around the globe. In its 4th year, the festival will showcase many musical genres and performers – traditional and contemporary. Neptune, Sameer and other regulars of the fest will showcase some sound-bending magic at this special preview.

  • Groove Investigations

    Groove Investigations

    Jesse Charnow has played with Anoushka Shankar and was trained by Pt. Ravi Shankar. He and Pandu played in the band Jazmin. Bunny is a multi instrumentalist. Pandu likes music and want to be empty so that the magic can pass through him. He also got a Grammy. They will explore sounds and groove textures and songs.

  • Loud & Live: Saahil Kapoor & Ipshita Bali

    Loud & Live: Saahil Kapoor & Ipshita Bali

    Singer song writer duo, Saahil Kapoor and Ipshita Bali from Chandigarh will sing some of their originals. Their songs are life centric. They say they are just vocals and acoustic guitar, so there are no masks, no room for hiding and thats the way they like it.

  • Live Baul by Anusheh Anadil

    Live Baul by Anusheh Anadil

    She is highly influential in reintroducing the philosophies and folk culture of Bengal. Her songs make us question our core belief systems and remind us that no change is possible unless a revolution starts within ourselves first.