Minorities and Migrations talk | 15th June, 2020

“Migrants (and refugees) are not pawns on the chessboard of humanity”, quoth Pope Francis.

Yet very often, they are. Globally, migrations fulfil different needs: economic, social, or political, and allow societies to assimiliate and forge heterogenous identities. A plural society needs to be mature, responsible, and should legislate mechanisms to avoid the neglect and demonisation of any minority groups. Such social integration and inclusive growth can contribute to the development of a society, state, and nation.

This talk, hosted by Thus.Critique, will be about inclusion and the present issues that minorities face.

About the speaker: Asif Hussain is the Secretary at the Centre for Study of Philosophy and Humanities, Goa.

The session will be moderated by Amrita Anand, Video Volunteers.

Asif Hussain, Secretary, Centre for study of philosophy and humanities

‘Brokering News- Media, Money and Middlemen’


‘Brokering News- Media, Money and Middlemen’ shows us the nexus of Government, Corporates and Media. Director Umesh Aggarwal points out the increasing public disenchantment, not just with its shrillness, but with its core value – integrity. Journalism is up for sale and selling of editorial space has become both blatant and institutionalised and neither the print nor the electronic media are immune to the malaise.

As an antidote, Video Volunteers will show videos of how community media adds a new dimension to the news we see otherwise.