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  • Gujarat Files/ Anatomy of a Cover Up/ Rana Ayyub

    Gujarat Files/ Anatomy of a Cover Up/ Rana Ayyub

    Rana Ayyub will be reading and discussing from her book ‘Gujarat Files’. It is an eight month under cover investigation on the fake encounters and Gujarat riots exposing the complicity of Politicians.

  • Live Gig/ Imphal Talkies/ Politics & Peace

    Live Gig/ Imphal Talkies/ Politics & Peace

    The band has cut two albums so far, Tiddim Road (2009) and When The Home Is Burning (2014) and have released singles from time to time. The band conceived The Imphal Music Project in January 2013, an attempt to make musical collaboration possible between artists from Indian subcontinent. The band was chosen as one of the 33 bands from 33 countries for the music album compilation entitled “Album of the Revolution” released in UK by Un-convention and In Place of War. The band’s single “Eche (A tribute to Irom Sharmila)” was used by Amnesty International India as part of their campaign to release Irom Sharmila.

  • Poetry Reading

    Poetry Reading

    Priyal Gagan’s poetry is a meditative vomit of existential truths, exploring the nature of – love, gender identity, sexuality, violence, freedom & nudism.