Book Launch ‘River of Stories’ by Orijit Sen at Prose Patisserie, Nachinola

Future of Comics | Falah Faisal in conversation with Orijit Sen 13th December #mondayfixgoa

This #mondayfixgoa will be absorbing. We have the OG @orijitzen and @musalmancomix a.k.a. @gonzogram66 talking about the responsibilities of contemporary art, and discuss the worldwide occurrences of issue based art. And Of Course, the future of comics!

From this conversation, we hope to learn about the ‘kintsugi’ in graphic art field, of how their artworks are weaving together the fractured freedom – the visual affirmations that resonates with the curious young minds, to find reasons, and find ways to ask right questions.

At @odd.joint @groove42goa 8 pm Venue


Premier | Goenchi Maati Movement film, at Design Centre, Porvorim, 6 pm, March 18th 2021

with the film makers – Living Heritage Foundation and Goenchi Maati Movement team

Film by Living Heritage Foundation.
Directed by Marc Francis & Mohan Kumar Mochi
Premiere by Thus.
Hosted by Design Center

“Goenchi Mati: A new perspective on mining in Goa” Directed by Marc Francis and Mohan Kumar Mochi, this 43 minute film includes notable figures such as Raju Nayak, editor – Lokmat, Haresh Melwani – mine owner & Late Dadubhai Mandrekar – poet, writer and social activist and Claude Alvares, Director, Goa Foundation. It also features five songs & a tiatr skit created and performed exclusively for the film by Joyalita and her friends.

The Goenchi Mati Movement insists that natural resources including minerals are a shared inheritance of all Goans living in the state, and it is our responsibility to ensure that our children and future generation inherit at least as much as we did. We are a non-partisan movement and are the Goan arm of “The Future We Need,” a global movement to make intergenerational equity foundational for civilization starting with minerals. The film has been commissioned in order to invite the citizens of Goa to come forward and join the Goenchi Mati movement to save the soil of Goa.

Audiences are requested to park their vehicles near Nexa Service Station, the road ahead is steep and narrow. Limited Seating with social distancing guidelines.

Role of humour and social commentary in a democracy | Madri Kakoti with Sujay Gupta

The Neighbourhood Teacher Madri Kakoti in conversation with Sujay Gupta #mondayfixgoa

Humour and social commentary are an integral tool in distilling politics and issues in general. It speaks of an ability to self-reflect, appreciate the fallibility of humans, and engage across the faultlines by building bridges.

To elaborate on that point, we have with us this Mondayfixgoa, Madri Kakoti, the neighbourhood teacher, in conversation with Sujay Gupta.

Madri is currently teaching Sociolinguistics and Neurolinguistics at the University of Lucknow as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Linguistics.

She served as the Hindi Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant at NYU and taught English as a second language at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. A Masters in International Relations and Linguistics from JNU and Bachelors in English Literature from Delhi University, she published several international papers in journals of repute, 3 book chapters and presented research papers at a number of national and international conferences, the most recent being the International Conference of Hindi Studies held at Paris and the Language Documentation for Cultural Preservation at Mahidol University, Thailand.

She started The Neighbourhood Teacher YouTube series as a creative angst, about the devolution of language, specially of media, that is rapidly, visibly changing the language of thought.

She mentions, she likes the heaviness of the phrase “being able to take a joke”.

In conversation with Sujay Gupta, columnist, writer and consulting editor of Herald newspaper.

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Living Heritage Tree Tagging App Launch 2nd October 2020 7.30 pm

Living Heritage Tree Tagging App Launch

Rapid urbanisation has made it critical for us to conserve the environment, now more than ever. Accountability is the need of the hour and creating a database of all the trees ought to be a good start. The Living Heritage App is the way forward as it enables you to geo-tag trees, do health checks and send S.O.S. Join us this Friday for a brief introduction of the App followed by a panel discussion on how the App can be instrumental for conservation, education and litigation among other things.

Panelists :

Miguel Braganza is an agriculturist and the brain behind the Konkan Fruit Fest and the Festival of Flowers among others. He’s currently an agricultural consultant.

Sreeja Chakraborty is an Environmental lawyer and Co-Founder of Living Environment Advocacy Foundation (LEAF).

Avertino Miranda is a Journalist/Activist and co-founder of Goa’s Green Brigade.

Alex Carpenter is a Conservationist who runs The Tribe, an off the grid, sustainable tourism endeavour.

Harshada Gauns is a Zoologist who is into conservation and environmentalism. She is the founder of Arannya, an environmental research organization.

Hycintha Aguiar is a Zoologist and the Chairperson of the Biodiversity Management Committee of VP Goltim Navelim on Divar Island. She works closely with local communities to document and chronicle this crucial knowledge.

Shelton Desouza is a Technology Coordinator with Nova Semita, the company that developed the App.

Zoom link

Web Censorship in India -Gurshabad Grover | #mondayfixgoa, 29.06 7:30 pm

One of the ways in which the Government of India censors the web is by asking Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block access to certain websites for its users. Following from the provisions of the Information Technology (IT) Act, website blocking in India can be opaque and executive-driven. There are no guidelines on the the technical details of how ISPs can/should block websites blocking. This impacts users’ rights of freedom of expression and access to information online.

In this talk, speaker Gurshabad Grover, will cover:

The legal background of website blocking in India
Different techniques used by Indian ISPs to censor websites | Empirical data on whether ISPs are blocking the same websites. | The talk will also explore the legal and policy implications on online freedom of expression and net neutrality in India.

Additional references: – refer to this document for understanding constitutional rights of individuals whose websites are ordered to be blocked by the Government, everyone’s constitutional right to access information, and recommendations. – refer to this paper for CIS’ research on techniques used by ISPs to censor websites, and data on whether website blocklists are consistent across ISPs

Who should participate:

Researchers, teachers and students of technology and humanities disciplines

Legal collectives and/or advocacy groups who deal with freedom of expression, privacy and net neutrality
Network security and privacy enthusiasts

Participation: Please RSVP

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Surveillance in Covid Times, with Lawrence Liang, Sanjay Bhangar & Alok Hisarwala, 1st June, 7.30 pm, online

Surveillance in Covid times

The use of mass scale as well as individuated surveillance to respond to Covid-19 pandemic has been a serious cause of concern. It has also exposed the underlying fault lines within the debate on surveillance and privacy. Unlike conventional cases of political surveillance of citizens, the deployment of surveillance for the purposes of public health seems to raise a different set of challenges. In this session we explore political, legal and technical questions arising out of surveillance in the time of Covid-19.


Lawrence Liang teaches at the School of Law, Governance and Citizenship, Ambedkar University, Delhi.

Sanjay Bhangar works at Development Seed, working on open source geospatial data projects. He has a deep history of working with the web and geospatial data. His interests are data privacy and anonymization, and in the intersection of software and politics.

Moderator- Alok Hisarwala is a lawyer and an Animal Rights activist.

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Platforms, Privatised censorship and free speech in India, a talk. May 25th 2020

Online platforms, particularly social media, operate as the new ‘public squares’. They play an increasingly critical role in shaping the public sphere and redefining democratic participation, through the enforcement of privatized content censorship, filtration and other forms of content moderation practices.

This talk looks at the role of platforms in mediating online speech, and how these interact with legal and constitutional laws, particularly the freedom of speech and expression. Algorithmic speech governance on social media platforms is influenced by India’s emerging norms on intermediary liability and the European Union’s rules on automated content filtration for copyright infringement. Automated content filtration is both increasingly pervasive and inevitable. Legal frameworks must be appropriately framed towards curtailing undemocratic and harmful practices of privatized and opaque content moderation by platforms and their algorithmic systems.

Date: Monday, 25 May, 2020
Time: 7:30 PM 8:45 PM
Format: Lecture followed by discussion


Join via Zoom:

or watch the livestream on this page

Who should participate:

Media and media tech practitioners
Tech policy practitioners

About the speaker: Divij Joshi is a lawyer and independent researcher studying the interaction between law, technology and policy. He is presently a Mozilla Technology Policy Fellow, studying automated decision-making systems in India. Divij also edits and contributes to the SpicyIP Blog.

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Post Covid Environment, talk by Vimlendu Jha

India’s environment during and after Covid – A mirage or hope for future.

Covid has caused unprecedented economic and social misery, pushing millions round the world to poverty and starvation, along with anxiety around health and safety. In these difficult and uncertain times, one thing that has found a fresh lease of life is our environment – our air is cleaner, our rivers less polluted and birds and other species at ease.

Given the economic challenge confronting the world, restarting the economy is going to be the foemost priority of our government/s , and we fear that all that we have gained in terms of ecology will be wiped out, as a mirage, shortly, perhaps for the worse.

Situation also presents an opportunity, a plan B, of slowdown and course correction, to imagine an economic order that takes along the principles of sustainable development and equitable growth.

Vimlendu Jha is an environmentalist and a member of key international environmental boards including UN.

Please DM for talk link.

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Social Media Networks and Production of Discourses, May 11th

Social media is simultaneously reviled and celebrated for its role in social movements and public discourse. It is as much an enabler as it is a hindrance to the democratic engagement of voices. With a vast possibility of outcomes, and given its impact on the nation’s destiny, social media networks have not yet been given due attention.

More regulation is not an answer, but self-regulation is an oxymoron.

In this talk, Sandeep Khurana, researcher on tech in the public sphere, will present two contrasting and contemporary case studies on the role of social media in #MeTooIndia and hate speech, to draw insights and trigger discussion on the path ahead.

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