Plant, Nurture, Grow, Love | A talk by Miguel Braganza | 6 Assagao, 17th Dec 2018, 7.30 pm onwards

trees mondayfix

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Trees are something we often take for granted when they are there and miss them when they are no longer there. They are treated as one treat one’s parents, siblings or spouse. Missed in their ABSENCE, rarely admired in their presence. We admire flowering plants that look pretty but may do us no service at all: the Flambouyant or Gul Mohur, for example. It does not give us food, wood, shade or any such service.

The Coconut Tree gives us different kinds of food and drink [tender coco water, toddy and feni], housing, coir with multiple uses, leaves as thatch, fuel or broom-sticks and yet, till 2007, one did not need any permission to cut any number of coconut trees .

There are some rare trees like the Baobab. Few have seen them. Many who have seen them still do not know anything about them. How did they reach Goa? Or were they a part of the land mass that drifted from Africa to form peninsular India as per Gondwanaland theory?

How do we grow trees from seed and nurture them? What are the laws for the Forests and the individual trees? Miguel Braganza will tell us more about the current aspects and nurture at #mondayfixgoa

Poster Tanya Khosla | Copy Aditi Dharmadhikari | Donation based event. Please donate to keep these programs alive and sharp, at the venue or Online here- |#goanarratives#thusgoa

trees mondayfix



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