Wiki World : A glimpse into the fascinating world of wiki editors- 20th year of Wikipedia – 15th February 2021 7.30 pm

Wikipedia is ranked between the fifth to 15th most-visited websites in the world – a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation.

This year we celebrate Wikipedia’s 20th birthday. Now Wikipedia has over 100,000 active volunteers working in 270 languages.

Frederick Noronha is once the ‘Editor of the Week’ (March 2020) and a driving force of Goan wikipedia community. Him and editors of Goan Wiki group, on 15th Feb # will tell us about their efforts – the mission of creating entries about every single village in Goa. Volunteers have already completed Bardez, and are currently working on the villages of Ponda Taluka.


Denzil Simoes ran into the Wikipedia as an engg student a decade-and-half ago. Uses both his tech and language skills to push things significantly forward. Done a lot to promote the Konkani Wiktionary. One of two Wikipedia (Konkani) admins in Goa.

Tanmay Pereira Naik – young techie, great at explaining technical issues in a simple language, and co-founded the Wikipedia Weekends initiatives that have pushed volunteers forward significantly here. Is also a part of various other Goan communities.

Anup Shanbag discovered that the Konkani Wikipedia ( is not restricted to Devanagari alone, and has been doing a great job in building it both technically and by linking it with other scripts.

Aliya Abreu teaches French, has been a journalist, and has pushed everyone forward in the recent revival of Wikipedia volunteering in Goa.

Frederick Noronha has been an editor (with spurts and ebbs in activity) on the Wikipedia for over 15 years. Editor-of-the-Week in March 2020.

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