The Price You Pay : Book Discussion |6 Assagao, 8th April 2019, 7.30 pm


The Price You Pay is the story of Delhi – a metropolis where a million tales unfold each day, the old and new locked in perpetual tension. This uneasy conversation is viewed through the eyes of journalists who frame the city, the policemen who protect it, and the outsiders – the city’s outlaws – and their intricate, tangled relationship.

The plot twists and turns like the teeming bazaars of Old Delhi, spinning from the betting houses of Chandni Chowk to the smooth tarmac of Lutyen’s imagination. Inside the dark underbelly of an emerging superpower’s capital city, the mirage of opulence and corruption is brutally exposed and the collusion that festers at its very heart.

Somnath Batabyal – Writer is a Lecturer at SOAS University of London. He is currently working on his second novel. Arushi Singh is a development consultant and works on sex and politics. She also runs Lotuseaters, a recycled books store.

Please donate to keep these programs alive and sharp, at the venue or Online here- With support from Artisan Backerei and White Owl Brewery

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